Forever Blues

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Forever Blues / Forever Blues


Diya and Nihal, who met at a trauma support group, reconnect at a cafe. Nihal's childhood trauma resonates with Diya, forging a bond between them. An unexpected situation forces Diya to spend the night at Nihal's place, where she meets his mother. As the night progresses, Diya opens up about her own trauma, leading to a breakdown. The story takes a turn when Diya wakes up in the middle of the night and ventures into the kitchen, leaving the audience to wonder what she finds in there.
Details of Crew
Alex Michael (Cinematographer), Jeffin Cheeran Reji (Editor), Jishnu Thilak (Music), Sree Vishnu (Sound Recordist), Sree Shankar (Sound Designer ), 5.1 Mix: D Yuvraj (Sound), Chief Associate Directors: Jyothisha Jelin (Other), Chief Associate Cameraman: Baisakh (Other), Associate Director: Nabeel Nazar, Harikrishnan RB (Other), Associate Cameraman: Midhun Madhusudhanan, Raam (Other), Assistants Camera/Direction: Gladwin William, Tharun, Arul Ghosh, Waseem Ameer (Other), Production: Harikrishnan (Other), Camera and Light Unit: Alex, Saji, Manish, Shameer (Other), Location Sound: Aromal P Sen, Vaishnav (Other)