Started off as a student project  VIS Vienna Shorts grew to be Austria’s largest short film festival and its first Academy Qualifying Festival gathering at each edition more than 10,000 visitors.

The festival features four competition sections, with films selected from more than 3,500 submissions and are separated into four sections: Fiction & Documentary (international narrative and documentary shorts), Animation Avantgarde (international innovative short animation films), the National Competition (current Austrian short film-making no matter the genre) and Screen sessions (international and national music videos).

Apart from these, every year the festival chooses a special thematic Focus that deals through cinema with current political and social issues. This year, VIS Vienna Shorts invites its audiences to Trust Me – the sentence on which our most basic human interactions are based, our vital private relationships and our communal living, our entire inner and outer relations.

Moreover, there are several special sections, each with a unique vision and approach: Spotlight (paying tribute to masters of short film), kijvis (film screenings and education programmes for children and teenagers), Midnight Movies (with erotic, trashy and scary films), Academy (a series of talks, panels, and networking events) and an Artists-in-Residence programme.

VIS Best-Of I

A Brief History of Princess X Gabriel Abrantes 07:00
Casino steven woloshen 03:58
I’m Not from Here Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė 25:49
Srečno, Orlo! Sara Kern 14:14
Orogenesis Boris Labbé 07:52
The Rabbit Hunt Patrick Bresnan 12:07
Bulletproof – VENTIL Florian Kindlinger, Peter Kutin 10:00

VIS Best-Of II

Im Wohnzimmer Alexander Gratzer 02:13
Bier & Calippo Paul Ploberger 27:19
Everything David OReilly 11:00
In erster Linie Veronika Schubert 05:30
Territory – The Blaze Guillaume Alric, Jonathan Alric 05:37
And So We Put Goldfish In the Pool Nagahisa Makoto 27:39