An Engineered Dream

Hemant Gaba / Hindi / 72 mins / 2018

Kota, a hub of coaching institutes where 200,000 teenagers live in cubicle size rooms & study 15 hours a day for two years to crack the entrance to the top engineering colleges in India. At the end, less than 1% are accepted. With such odds, the pressure is intense, made worse by parents, coaching institutes and peers. When 99% students are destined to fail, many never leave their tiny rooms, ending their lives prematurely. Life in Kota seems like the entire ecosystem is abetting their suicide.

In Fact… / Tin Satyi…

Debalina Majumder / Bengali /52 mins /2018

This film offers us glimpses of lives that are lived on their own terms and in such living mark their resistance against stifling social norms that threaten to homogenise diversity into a logic of One.In Fact… is a celebration of love and togetherness with a difference; it is a celebration of the struggles to live those differences.Are we ready to shed our skins, overthrow our rigidities and open ourselves to a revaluation of the ‘normal’, or are we going to, once again, label, judge and banish?

Lock and Key/ Taala Te Kunjee

Shilpi Gulati / Punjabi, Hindi / 82 mins /2017

Five recovering addicts at a rehabilitation centre in Punjab, India, are helping families recover from the rampant drug problem in the State. While they struggle to establish new relationships with their past, their wives strive to redefine the meaning of love. An intimate portrayal of recovery, Taala Te Kunjee is about relationships and the labour of everyday.

Returning to the First Beat/ Phir Se Samm Pe Aana

Surabhi Sharma /Hindi, Marathi, English / 85 mins / 2018

Hindustani music and its musicians travelled through Girgaon, a neighbourhood that was a part of the native town in colonial Bombay, after the decline of the princely states who were the patrons of many of the renowned musicians of the time, making it a historical site of music performances and pedagogy. The film ‘listens’ to architectural structures in an attempt to reflect upon the deep history of the space and the traditions it housed.

S.D. : Saroj Dutta and His Times

Kasturi Basu / Mitali Biswas / Bengali, English / 115 mins / 2018

A communist poet, a secret State killing, an attempted revolution sparked in the village of Naxalbari in the Himalayan foothills. Setting out to tell the story of the slain revolutionary Saroj Dutta (S.D.), the film gets drawn into a vortex of his tumultuous times, tracing the twists and turns of the communist movement in India over three decades. The film sees the weaving of a narrative through the exploration of personal and public historical archives as well as intimate conversations with rebels of the Naxalbari rebellion.

Santhal Family to Mill Re-call

Ramani R V / Hindi, English, Bengali / 111 mins / 2017

Among the many great works of Ramkinkar Baij (1904-84), ‘Santhal Family’ and ‘Mill Call’, sculptures using concrete as material, are considered landmarks of modern Indian art. Contemporary Delhi based installation artist, Vivan Sundaram, in collaboration with artists, theatre practitioners and actors, conceive a sculpture, installation and performance project, 409 RAMKINKARS. The film explores the process of conception and making of the project.

The Third Infinity

Piyush Shah / No Dialogue / 72 mins / 2017

Can cinema materialize without pre-conceptualised thoughts, ideas or a script? After a century of cinematic history, is it essential to know about the film before it is made? The Third Infinity is an experiment in structuring cinema without any predefined ideas. It is not just about what is seen on the screen, but also about what is absent. The film unfolds in one of the oldest living cities of the world, Banaras.

The Tribal Scoop

Beeswaranjan Pradhan / Odia, Hindi / 53 mins / 2018

The film set in the small town of Sundergarh, interior Odisha, sees the natives subverting hockey, a game which was only a form of entertainment until then, into their life line in their battle against the clutches of urbanisation, which threatens their serene ecology and peaceful existence.

Up Down & Sideways / Kho Ki Pa Lü

Anushka Meenakshi, Iswar Srikumar/Chokri, Nagamese / 83 mins / 2017

As they work in cooperative groups or mülé — preparing the terraced fields, planting saplings, or harvesting the grain and carrying it up impossibly steep slopes — the rice cultivators of Phek sing. The seasons change, and so does the music, transforming the mundane into the hypnotic. Up Down and Sideways is a musical portrait of a community of rice cultivators and their memories of love and loss, created from working together on the fields.



Putul Mahmood / Bengali, English / 50 mins / 2018

Atasi’s family declares her ‘mad’ and forcibly admits her to the government mental asylum. On returning home after two year she encounters hostility and loneliness in her own house. Life springs a surprise on her in the form of love that she finds through a social media platform. Atasi is as much a story of love in the time of madness as it is of a dysfunctional family living in an odd little house in Kolkata.

Ek Inquilab aur Aaya- Lucknow 1920- 1949

Uma Chakravarti / English / 66 mins / 2017

The film is set in Firanghi Mahal, an institution for rationalist Islamic scholarship founded in the late 17th century. Through two women, Sughra Fatema and her niece Khadija Ansari, it tells the unknown stories of women and their struggle to find their own ways of being in a time of dramatic changes. One wrote poetry to express herself and the other became a student activist who went to jail for being a revolutionary.

Intimate Outsiders

Shankhajeet De / Hindi, English / 49 mins / 2018

Intimate Outsiders is a chronicle of the various stories and experiences that emerge as a documenter negotiates with the space and nuances of an art residency, a master class by puppeteer Puran Bhat of Rajashtani Katpuli tradition of string puppetry, as he attempts to document the affair without encroaching the artistic solace the space demands.

Our Gauri/ Namma Gauri

Pradeep K P / Kannada / 67 mins / 2017

Gauri Lankesh was one of Karnataka’s most prominent and fearless journalists. She was shot dead outside her house in Bengaluru on the night of 5thSeptember, 2017. She spoke out against communal forces in the country and fought for the right for dissent and freedom of speech. The film follows her political journey; envisaging what she stood for and her struggle for communal harmony until her last breath, is more than just a personal tribute.

Shyama Mani Devi – Classical Odissi Vocalist

Santosh Gour / Odia, English / 53 mins / 2017

The film is about the journey of Odisha born vocalist Shyama Mani Devi explored through Odissi music, the oldest form of Indian Classical music. Shyama Mani, a staunch devotee of Lord Jagannath, is one of the foremost exponents of Odissi Music.

The Slave Genesis

Aneez K M / Malayalam / 64 mins / 2017

The documentary film looks into the ethnic identity and social transformation of the Paniya tribe of Wayanad in Kerala, who were deployed as workers in the farms of migrants. It attempts to do so by exploring the distinct performative culture of music of the Paniyas. The prime amongst their songs is Penappattu (speech of ghost), which they recite as a part of funeral rituals.

When The Doors Open

Amrita Dasgupta / Hindi, English / 47 mins / 2018

The film revolves around Ajay and Kiran who are visually impaired siblings and Sagar, a case of cerebral palsy, who attends regular schools. The film posits various questions like, can these children cope with the pressures of mainstream education? Do their individual “abilities” get acknowledged in an inclusive set-up? Have the doors “really” opened for them?