A Jouney to Fumigated Town

Fernando E. Solanas / Argentina / 97 mins / 2018

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns is the final episode made by Fernando Solanas in a series of 8 films dedicated to the Argentinian’s crisis in the 21st century. Based on testimonies, re-creations, archives and photos this investigative documentary reveals not only the after-effects of the soya’s model and other GMO grain productions with agrochemicals on people’s health but also the global and environmental consequences. It unfolds through dramatic stories and testimonies from locals, farmers and researchers.


Film DArshad Khan Canada | Japan | Pakistan | Saudi Arabia | Thailand / 80 mins / 2017

Abu is a journey to the centre of a fragmented family while they grapple with religion, sexuality, colonialism and migration. Through a tapestry of narratives composed of family footage, observation and classic Bollywood films, the film explores strained relationships, various ideological positions and the idea of familiarity within families.


Dan Bronfeld / United States / 18 mins / 2017

The Binding tells the tale of an orphan boy who has his humanity tested when his film director encourages him to give a violent performance that will blend fiction with reality.


South Korea / 29 mins

Beloved tells the tale of Hyo-jeon who feels oppressed by the sheer weight of life itself, in addition to the burden of caring for her mother whose mental condition is deteriorating. The film sees her finally deciding to send her mother, who has full blown dementia, off to a mental health care facility.

Blue Christmas

Charlotte Wells / UK / USA / 15 mins / 2017

Blue Christmas is about a debt collector who goes to work to avoid confronting his wife’s worsening psychosis at home on the Christmas Eve of 1968 in a Scottish coastal town.


Logan George & Celine Held / USA / 12 mins / 2018

In the middle of a hot Texas summer, plans for a babysitter fall through and six-year old Caroline is left in charge of her two younger siblings.

Deklab Elementary

Film DeReed Van Dyk / USA / 21 mins / 2017

DeKalb Elementary was inspired by an actual 911 call placed during a school shooting.


Demons in Paradise

Jude Ratnam / France / 94 mins / 2017

Demons in Paradise is a spine chilling testimony to the rebel violence in Sri Lanka. The film sees for the first time a Tamil documentary filmmaker living in Sri Lanka showing the civil war from the inside. It shares the memories of the compatriots of the war, opening the door to a new era and making peace possible again.


orna / Spain / 29 mins / 2018

A modest farmer is suddenly shocked by a clear vision: the lands where he lives and works will be imminently flooded. Morgat will have to trust his own intuition and face his world’s disbelief to try and avoid a tragedy. This is a free adaptation of an ancient legend that tells the tale of birth of a lake through a story based on faith, courage, greed and honesty.


Jérémy Comte / Canada / 17 mins / 2018

Set in a surface mine the film is about two boys who sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer. Alone in the wild when they are playing around a surface mine, complicity evolves into a confrontation where one wants to have power over the other. When one suddenly gets caught in the quicksand the debate ends. Taking proportions larger than nature, this game will not prove as harmless as they thought.

For Nonna Anna

Luis De Filippis / Canada / 13 mins / 2018

For Nonna Anna tells the tale of an elderly woman who is put in the care of her trans granddaughter for an evening. It explores how the two experience a touching moment in their shared womanhood. The film explores how identities are conceived in our most vulnerable moments.

Ghost Hunting

Raed Andoni / Palestine / France / Switzerland / Qatar / Italy Arabic / English / 94 mins / 2017

Ghost Hunting is a psycho-realistic exploration and experiment that combines the theatre of the oppressed and enactment of lived memories in order to reconstruct long repressed turmoil and trauma to come to terms with it.


Rand Beiruty / Jordan / Germany / 4 mins / 2018

Halfway is an abstraction of the journey Abu Haidar’s family take upon themselves as they fly their way out of their own war-torn country to reach a safe haven. It starts with a still of Aleppo and transitions into an animated picture. The animation afterwards recounts the story through Facebook messages corresponding to the journey of a Syrian family, highlighting their state of being stuck halfway.


Mike Hill / Australia /92 mins / 2017

Hippocratic explores the life story of famous Indian pain and palliative care physician Dr M R Rajagopal.

Inshah Allah Democracy

Mohammed Naqvi Pakistan / USA / United Arab Emirates / UK / 85 mins / 2017

Insh’Allah Democracy explores the dilemma the filmmaker faces as the elections are around the corner. For his options are a religious hardliner and a secular liberal who happens to be a former dictator.

La Bouche

Camilo Resterepo / France / French / 19 mins / 2017

La Bouche tells the tale of a man who learns that his daughter was brutally murdered by her husband. Time stands still as he oscillates between the need for solace and his urge for revenge. The film is a musical featuring Guinean percussion master, Mohamed Bangoura (Red Devil), loosely based on his own story.

Like a Good Kid

Arian Vazirdaftari / Iran / 20 mins / 2018

Mesle Bache Adam is about Sara (a 24-year-old girl) who is supposed to babysit Matin (a 6-year-old boy) for the day, while his mother is at work. The film is about how Matin tells Sara the story of a fight with his mother from the night before, which leads to a series of events through the day which will change Matin and Sara for the rest of their lives.


Marianne Farley / 19 mins / 2017

The film is about how an aging woman’s friendship with her nurse inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing that helps her make peace with her past.

Mirrors of Diaspora

Kasim Abid / UK / Italy / Netherlands / Sweden / Arabic / 88 mins / 2018

Mirrors of Diaspora tells the story of seven Iraqi artists who have experienced more than forty years of exile, nostalgia, memories and alienation.

Rufus King Park

Vinay Pujara / United States / 14 mins / 2018

Rufus King Park explores how two unique individuals negotiate and come to terms with life.

Sculpting in time – Nagui Shaker

Youssef Nasser / Egypt / 26 mins / 2018

Sculpting in Time follows the journey of creativity and leadership of the Egyptian artist Nagui Shaker; a celebrated puppet maker and filmmaker who has worked in field of cinema and art for over fifty years.


Linda Fratini / Italy / 15 mins / 2017

Spider Boy follows Mattia; the secret son of Spiderman, and Amira; a girl of Eritrean origin, who join forces to take revenge on the class bullies. Will they succeed? The finale is a rainbow of friendships, defeats and victories.

The Beetle At the End of the Street/ EL ESCARABAJO AL FINAL DE LA CALLE

Joan Vives / Spain / 19 mins / 2017

The Beetle at the End of the Street is about a psychic fishmonger who foresees Amadeo’s death and his fellow villagers who rally up to give him the best final seven days any one could ask for.

The best fireworks ever

Aleksandra Terpinska / Poland / 30 mins / 2017

The film is set in one of the European cities of the contemporary world. It depicts a day in the life of three friends who, facing a military conflict in their country, must modify their plans for the future.

The Juggler/ O Malabarista

Iuri Moreno / Brazil / 11 mins / 2018

The Juggler is an animated film about street jugglers who add colour to the monotonous palate of urban life.

The Moon, the Sun and the Three Muskeeters

Vahagn Khachatryan / Portugal / Armenia / 20 mins / 2017

The Moon the Sun and the Three Musketeers tells the tale of a small town called Sendim lost in time; located between Portugal and Spain. At first glance there is nothing specific out of the ordinary about Sendim. People have their daily routines. During daytime, time passes very slowly. But unlike the other towns, the day is divided into two parts here. As the sun starts to set and darkness takes over, the world that does not exist anymore knocks on the door. The night here belongs to Pagan Gods.

The Other Side of Everything / Druga strana svega

Mila Turajlić Serbia / France / Qatar / Serbian / 100mins / 2017

The Other Side of Everything tells the tale about the director’s remarkable family history and her homeland’s complicated national history.

The Silent Child

Chris Overton / UK / 20 mins / 2017

Busy parents Sue and Paul decide to get help from social worker Joanne to prepare their youngest daughter Libby, who is deaf, for the big step of going to school for the first time. Joanne and Libby bond almost immediately, with Joanne beginning to teach a responsive Libby British Sign Language.

Thomas Adam- Franfurt from Underneath

Michael Stadnik / 18 mins / 2018

Thomas Adam – Frankfurt from Underneath follows the story of a former alcoholic Thomas Adam who fought his way back to normal life after being an addict for 16 years and losing everything.

Warrior/ Gazi

Sydney Ribot / Turkey / 4mins / 2017

Warrior is about a patriarch who makes a desperate play at relevance during a family dinner.

Watu Wote

Katja Benrath Germany / Kenya / 22 mins / 2017

Jua, a Christian living in Kenya, boards a chartered bus to visit a relative and is uncomfortable being surrounded by Muslim passengers. The bus is stopped by the violent terrorist group Al-Shabaab, whose members demand that the Muslims identify the Christian passengers. Watu Wote unravels as a visual testimony to the fact that solidarity can prevail.


Anastasiya Miroshnichenko / Belarus / 80 mins / 2017

Debut tells the tale of the soulless atmosphere in a women’s penitentiary which destroys all of the prisoners’ personality. The film examines the rationality behind the long prison terms for women with children.

Obscure Light

Susana de Sousa Dias / Portugal / Portugese / 76 mins / 2018

How many family members get dragged into the radar of the political police on the arrest of a political prisoner? How do you give a form to someone who disappeared without having had a historical existence? Taking the photographs taken by the Portuguese political police (1926-1974) as its starting point, Obscure Light seeks to reveal how an authoritarian system operates within family intimacy, simultaneously revealing areas of repression which mould the present.

The President’s Visit

Cyril Aris / Lebanon | Qatar | USA / 19 mins / 2017

In a sleepy seaside community in Lebanon, a soap maker receives word that the President intends to visit and the over-zealous townsfolk scramble to construct an image of themselves that is worthy of the stately occasion. The President’s Visit is a comedy richly shaded by the eccentricities of the village population

Meenalap / Fish Musing

SubornaSenjuteeTushee / Bengali, Hindi, Marathi / 28 mins / 2017

This film is about transformation of life while living in a lonely city and about Hope. Meenalap (Soliloquy of the fishes) revolves around a Bengali couple migrated from a remote village of West Bengal to Pune city, working in a garments factory and struggling to meet the ends while expecting a child.  The film delves in to the psychological changes of them in the realm of urban alienation in absence of own family and culture while becoming a mother and father from husband and wife for the first time.


Rahul Jain / Germany, Finland, India / 71 mins / 2018

Director Rahul Jain presents an intimate, observantly portrayal of the rhythm of life and work in a gigantic textile factory in Gujarat, India. Moving through the corridors and bowels of the enormous and disorientating structure, the camera takes the viewer on a journey to a place of dehumanising physical labor and intense hardship, provoking cause for thought about persistent pre-industrial working conditions and the huge divide between first world and developing countries. Since the 1960s the area of Sachin in western India has undergone unprecedented, unregulated industrialisation, exemplified in its numerous textile factories. MACHINES portraits only one of these factories, while at the same time representing the thousands of labourers working, living and suffering in an environment they can’t escape without unity. With strong visual language, memorable images and carefully selected interviews of the workers themselves, Jain tells a story of inequality and oppression, humans and …