Mai Misri

Being a Palestinian filmmaker, Mai Masri’s works have always focused on Palestinians living in Lebanese refugee camps. The Jordan born filmmaker has a degree in film production from University of California, Berkley and San Francisco State University. Soon after she finished her studies, Masri returned to Beirut to start making films. She started her film career by directing the documentary Under the Rubble together with her filmmaker husband Jean Chamoun in 1983. The film which was the harrowing attempt of the filmmaker to tell the real story behind the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon as it took place in Beirut, won the Special Jury Award at the Valencia Film Festival.

In 1987 Mai Masri again collaborated with Chamoun to direct Wild Flowers: Women of South Lebanon. In this poignant documentary about courage, resistance and hope, Masri and Chamoun focused on the women who played a crucial role in fighting the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon. The film won many awards.

Mai Masri’s films are about ordinary people living in extraordinary times and how they manage to survive and hold onto humanity despite the devastating situations and hurdles in which they find themselves. Masri has directed, produced, photographed, and edited several award-winning films that have been shown all over the world at film festivals, art galleries, and on television channels. Her works include Under the Rubble (1983) Wild Flowers: Women of South Lebanon (1987), War Generation Beirut (1988), Children of Fire (1991), Hanan Ashrawi: A Woman of Her Time (1995), Children of Shatila (1998), Frontiers of Dreams and Fears(2001), Beirut Diaries (2006), 33 Days (2007) and 3000 Nights.

3000 Nights / 3000 Layla Dir: Mai Masri, 103 mins ,  Palestine, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
33 Days / 33 yaoum Dir : Mai Masri,  70 mins ,  Qatar, Lebanon
Beirut Diaries: Truth, Lies & Videos / Yaumiyat Beirut: haqa’eq wa akadheeb wa Dir: Mai Masri, 79mins,  Lebanon
Children of Shatila   Dir : Mai Masri,  50mins, Lebanon
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears  / Hlam al-manfa  Dir: Mai Masri, 56 mins, Palestine

Vipin Vijay

The Egotic World Dir : Vipin Vijay,  32 mins
Video Game  Dir : Vipin Vijay, 30 mins
Palace of the Winds / Hawamahal  Dir : Vipin Vijay,  58 mins
Broken Glass, Torn Film Dir: Vipin Vijay, 1 min
A Flowering  / Tree Poomaram Dir: Vipin Vijay, 60 mins
The Image Threads / Chitrasutram Dir: Vipin Vijay, 104 mins
Venomous Fold  / Visaparvam Dir: Vipin Vijay, 30 mins