Bogotá me Kafka– Dir:Camilo Cogua / Ricardo Arce/7/Colombia/2016
Fluxos – Dir:Diego Akel /3/Brazil
Guida – Dir: Rosana Urbes/11/Brazil/2015
La Noria – Dir:Karla Castañeda/10/Mexico/2012
Paraíso Terrenal – Dir: Tomas Welss/18/Chile/2000
Night – Dir: Tomas Welss/12/Chile/1997
Pasta – Dir:Tomas Welss/9/Chile/2007
Puntos – Dir: Patricia Gualpa/9/Argentina/2013
The Sad House – Dir: Sofia Carrillo/13/Mexico/2013

The animator, scriptwriter, painter and professor, Tomás Welss, is one of the specialists in the genre in Chile. His Animation filmography offers a critical view of human nature, with black humor and an original use of color and Gestuallity.  He has received several prizes and monographic cycles, retrospectives and exhibitions of his graphic work at festivals like Toulouse, Monterrey, Valdivia, Trieste, Alexandria, Geneva, Cartagena, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Guadalajara, Quito, etc.