Q & A Session with Anand Patwardhan

Anand Patwardhan, director of ‘Reason’ interacted with the audience at a Q & A session after the screening of his film at the IDSFFK 2019.

“If a religion teaches you inequality…then I don’t believe in that religion” opined Anand Patwardhan, documentary filmmaker after the screening of his film ‘Reason’ which is competing in the Long Documentary category at the 12th IDSFFK.

The screening of the film faced a lawsuit filed by the I&B Ministry, but the Kerala High Court granted the permission for a joint plea was made by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy and the director.

Reason, divided into eight chapters that charts the motion of how India is sliding away from the complex tumult of a secular democracy towards hardening divisions of power, caste, and religious beliefs that are all enforced by violence. ‘We should question everything and no matter what the questioning attitude should remain.’ said Patwardhan, answering at Q&A.

‘Reason’ is not an easy film to watch. Patwardhan himself spent more time in the courts than in making the film. The film denounces violence perpetrated or fuelled by religious nationalists pushing to make India a Hindu state. As it nears its end, the scale of the dangers India faces becomes clear, and connections are made between the country’s inner conflicts and the similar political fires burning all over the world. Even with countless people of conscience offering resistance, the film ends with an Epilogue, yet one more assassination, of Gouri Lankesh.

Anand Patwardhan answering the questions of the audience