Meet the Press- Day 6

The death penalties are an ‘…ugly expression of state power and at the same time a sort of rise for popular demands for death penalty’, said Vani Subramanian at the ‘Meet the Press’ in the 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival.

Vani Subramanian, the director of ‘The Death of Us’ that screened in the 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival in the Competition Long Documentary category, which documents six different cases guilty of crimes including executions of Dhananjoy Chatterjee and Afzal Guru. Chatterjee was wrongfully charged with murder and rape. ‘…So as a people how do we look back at a case when somebody is supposed to have been hung to make women safer in India and now we look back at the case which says he might not have done it. Can we bear that load on our conscience? How do we live with that miscarriage of justice? Afzal Guru’s case was yet another miscarriage of justice and he was hung in the name of the nation. All these cases lead us to question the provision of death penalty and our role as citizens in enquiring why people are harmed.’ added Subramanian.

Shyamkant Dhanorkar, director of ‘O’Kabira’, Naveen C Wilson, director of ‘The Weaving Dreams | Documentary on Chendamangalam Hand looms’, Chirayinkeezhu Radhakrishnan, director of ‘Rithuragam: A Tribute to Sreekumaran Thampi’, Jayesh Padichal, director of ‘Pallom – An Ark Of Life’ were also present in the event.