Bandhu Prasad In Conversation with Haobam Paban Kumar

“I find the story in my footage. It is by an understanding about how much and how much not to show” said Haobam Paban Kumar, Indian filmmaker and the Non Fiction jury in 12th IDSFFK while speaking in the ‘In Conversation’ with Bandhu Prasad.  “One should feel a cinema, only then one can enjoy and learn from it”, he added.

“Being into Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute were one among the best thing happened to me”, commented Paban Kumar.  A documentary filmmaker has certain limitations in comparison to a commercial filmmaker. When Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act existing in Manipur, was a woman killed in police custody. Following this case and capturing its connections was how Paban Kumar entered into the field of documentary films. He also commented that documentaries are a form of research and it helps one in making a fiction. It is also the process of searching the story.

“I don’t see any distinction between fiction and non-fiction when we discuss about reality, some approaches may be different,” is how Paban Kumar reacted to the statement line differentiating fiction and non-fiction.  “Everyone requires a basic education in cinema to make good cinema”, opined Haobam Paban Kumar