Face to Face – Day 5

“They must be accepted first in the family and then in the society, so they are not left into streets” said P. Abhijith while conversing in the “Face to Face’ session here on Tuesday (25.06.19) at Vijaya Mulay Pavilion (Kairali Portico). He was speaking about his film ‘By My Side’ discussing transgender issues.

I didn’t mean to focus on star value in my films. I have come across transgenders in Kerala two years back who were never ready to appear before camera fearing the society. As a journalist and a photographer, I felt I am responsible for addressing their issues” added P. Abhijith.

‘Maida’ director Lubna Yusuf shared her experience regarding her findings about unheard voices. “Documentaries are the mirror of society.” Her film ‘Maida’ discussing child marriage received wide appreciation after screening in the fest. She also mentioned about the need and urgency to spread awareness to everyone and educate them about their rights.

Gilbert George’s ‘The Phoenix State’ also gained notice in the fest as it themes the monsoon floods that hit Kerala. He shared his experience anent capturing the visuals of the deluge.

The session having the interaction between the directors of diverse pack of documentaries shared their opinions about selection of their genre for discussing each topic.

‘Flight of Freedom’ director Aarati Bagdi, ‘ Locker’ director Selvaraj, ‘The Unsaid’ director Prem Singh, ‘The Sea Laughs at the Mountain’ director Robin Joy, ‘A Star Studded Sky’ director Asif Moyal, ‘The Disguised’ director Sandeep A. ‘Prathichaya’ director Gayathri Sasiprakash were the other directors in the session moderated by Mammad Montage