The Woman behind the Window

Director : Kooroosh Shirali / 14 mins / Iran / 2019

The woman leaves her workplace and she feel on the way back home that a man is fallowing her … The woman wants to know who the man is.

One of my friends, who is a middle-aged woman, has told me that one night she has been pursuing by a strange man on the street. she is scared at first, but after a short time, she does not see the man again. She thought to the end of his journey what the shape of that man’s face was. This elemental panic and (perhaps sexual) lust afterward gave me the idea of the woman behind the window.
This is a meta-genre film.

Shahrzad Shojaeddini
Behnam Keshavarz

Director: Koroush Shirali
Screenplay: Korosh Shirali
Director of Photography: Alisina Azari
Editing: Koroush Shirali
Music: Mohammad zaman sani
Sound Designer: Mohammad Zaman Sani
Sound Recordists: Mohammad Zaman Sani
Set & Costume Designer: Atefeh Noorpisheh
Make-Up: Nadia Amiri
Production Company: Iranian Young Cinema Society Fars Province- Shiraz