The Memory of Water

Director : Mary Stephen / 25 mins / Hong Kong / 2018


Melanie returns to Hong Kong as filmmaker-in-residence at a university after living abroad for decades. She tries to redefine her cultural roots and affiliations, partly through the adventure of a tragic-comic romantic fantasy, partly through bonding with her young student Niki. Niki is making a documentary film with her mother about their family’s migration from China to their Hakka village in the New Territories. Melanie and Niki both realise they are living with an original “molecule” that can’t be erased even after generations of dilution, the so-called “Memory of Water.”

Main Crew:
Written, Directed and Edited by Mary Stephen
Produced by Amos Why and Teresa Kwong as part of Lingnan 5.0 film series (2018)
Cinematography Kai Ming Leung and John Cressey
Sound Design Pierre Carrasco
Locations Johnathan Chheng
Music by Veronica Lee
Theme Song “Une histoire rêvée”  sung by Arm Charm, music by Veronica Lee, lyrics by Mary Stephen

Main Cast: Jessica Yeung, Yiko Ho, Victor Ma, Lau Sau Lin
Cédric Maridet, Julien Chheng, Simon Chapat, Julie Chheng