Director : Chabname Zariab / 15 mins / France / 2018

Somewhere in the desert, a little boy is plunged by force into an intimidating and completely foreign new world: the world of camel racing. Will the distant hope of seeing his mother again give him the strength to overcome his fears and find his place in this hostile environment?

ERIC DEVIN – Cinematographer
Ghazi El Kfih – Sound Recordist
Lucile Demarquet, Rodolphe Kay – Sound editors
Olivier Guillaume – Sound Mixer
Hussein Zahawy, Marjan Farsad – Music Composers
Chabname Zariâb, Mathieu Mégemont – Screenwriters
Guillaume Saignol, Vanessa Basté – Editors
Fatma Madani – Production Designer
Yosra Mzoughi – Costume designer