Rubber Dolphin

Director : Ori Aharon / 28 mins / Israel / 2018

A portrait of one night’s intimacy between two men that just met. Their physical connection is
immediate and they get carried away and have unprotected sex. Once the sexual tension has
been released they’re having an intimate conversation, about gay men sexual roles, about
preferences and self-image, about manhood.As morning approaches, their moment is nearing
its end and one’s need for reciprocity may question the other’s ability to love.

About the film:
Rubber Dolphin (Dolfin MeGumi) is Ori Aharon’s graduation film at the Steve Tisch School of
Film and Television at the Tel Aviv University. The film is supported by The Rabinovich
Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project and The Blavatnik Fund for Student Films.
Rubber Dolphin is a personal, semi-autobiographical work that looks into the relations between
sexuality and emotion as it comes to be in an occasional encounter between homosexual men.
The 28-minute film takes place mostly between the sheets and consists of long close-up shots,
which provide a close look into the depths of the protagonists’ minds, within and outside of the
sexual interaction. The film was premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival as part of the
Cinéfondation, which is considered as the worlds most prestigious student film competition.

About the filmmaker:
Ori Aharon is a scriptwriter and a film director who was born and raised
in Haifa and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Rubber Dolphin is his graduation
film at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv
University. These days Ori is writing a script for a feature film based on
the protagonist of his short film. At the center of which is a story of a
journey full of disappointments in the hero's search for the spark
in his life.

Along to his cinematic work, Ori directed and produced numerous film
projects; Director of the 20th International Student Film Festival in Tel
Aviv (2018), Director of THINKFest of the Jerusalem Film Festival
(2017), Producer and Programmer for TLVFEST#11- the Tel Aviv
International LGBT Film Festival (2016).

Script Writer, Producer, Director, Editor: Ori Aharon
Actors: Chen Chefetz, Omri Laron
Cinematography: David Rudoy
Color Grading: Peleg Levi
Sound Designer: Rotem Dror
Production Designer: Hagai Galimidi
Assistant Director: Meytal Sedaka
Script Supervisor: Merav Perez
Line Producer: Jacob (Yasha) Goldenberg

Past Screenings & Awards
71st Cannes Film Festival – Cinefondation Official Selection (2018)