No One Believes Me but The Police Are Chasing A Wrong Man

Director : Ata Mojabi  / 8 mins / Iran / 2018

Is an experimental journey to Psycho (1960) created by Ata Mojabi
Janet Leigh & Anthony Perkins

Directors note:
one of the funny experiences than Cinephilies experience is to rewind the film. This is when the
cinephily intends to see a scene again. While keeping the scene he wants in his mind, he looks at the
scenes he has crossed, it is a kind of super impose in mind that he/she does with his/her mind.The
original idea of ”SineCide or No One Believes Me but The Police Are Chasing the Wrong Man” was about
its “from”, and it was inspired by Psycho’s final shot, where “the boy’s and mother’s face” become
“Super Impose”.The theme and a kind of tale of my film, taken from the dominant theme of Hitchcock’s
works. This theme, expressed in a beautiful dialogue that main character of “To catch a thief” says it:No
One Believes Me but The Police Are Chasing the Wrong Man
This is right that Carry Grant says these words, but I believe this dialogue expresses the perspective of
Hitchcock main characters in most of his works, and that’s why it has become a sound motif in my film
and of course, part of the film’s name.

Ata Mojabi’s main curiosity in life has always been cinema. Maybe because he grew up in a house that
was in front of a cinema theater. Born in Iran (1982) in a country which the religion and government
have always considered the arts and cinema as an opponent. After the 1980s, many cinema theaters
became abandoned. Fortunately, Ata’s family was sort of a cinephile and his father had a small archive
of classic movies. Years later, when Ata started to study Master of Arts on Dramatic Literature in Tehran
Azad University, he used his opportunity to work with some theatrical groups and write some plays for
them. He also teaches filmmaking, scriptwriting and film directing at the University and at Iranian Youth
Cinema Society (IYCS). Ata collaborated in several feature films as a scriptwriter and assistant director.
He also directed and produced nine short films. He is a member of Khaneh Cinema since 2012.