Director : Emmannuele Bonmariage / 92:00 mins / Belgium / 2018

Direction& Screenplay Emmannuele Bonmariage, Manu Bonmariage Production Hanne Phlypo, Antoine Verrmeesch DoP Leo Lefevre, Joachim Philippe, Chris Rensn Editing Luc Plantier Sound Bruno Schweisguth, Fabrice Osinski Sound Design Senjan Jansen Sound Editing Bert Aert Original Music Sacha Toroop

Synopsis: Manu Bonmarriage, a well-known documentary filmmaker is on the verge of losing himself to Alzheimer’s. Manu looks at how an artist’s daughter uses clippings from his films and family archival-footage to keep his mind grounded in the reality.

Director’s Bio: Emmannuele Bonmariage is an actor, director and screenwriter making her directorial debut with Manu.