Director : Stephane Riethauser / 93:00 mins / Switzerland / 2019

Direction & Screenplay Stephane Riethauser Cast: Carolina Della Befa, Stephane Riethauser

Synopsis: Madame is about a grandmother and her grandson who are engaged in an intimate conversation, exploring gender, sexuality and transmission of identity.

Director’s Bio: Stephane Riethauser was born in 1972 in Geneva, Switzerland. He holds a law degree from the University of Geneva. Over the years, he had been working as a teacher, gay activist, photographer, editor, journalist, translator, before becoming a television director. He is the author of A Visage Decouvert, a photography book about coming out (Ed. Slatkine, 2000), numerous documentaries and reports for Swiss Radio Television RTS (2003-2008) and Le Temps Suspendu (Frozen in time), 2007, a documentary about Swiss painter Marius Borgeaud. Since 2009, he lives and works as an independent filmmaker in Berlin. His other works are Prora and Garden of Stars.