Director : Adam Abd El Ghaffar  / 15 mins / Egypt / 2018

Over what appears to be a random conversation between 2 people who have just met, they reveal their secrets while tackling subjects of love, marriage, and infidelity, exploring their reasons in a very intense dialogue, they accept one another’s cruelty, sarcasm, and marriage advice, till they reach an unexpected choice, where they reveal the ugliest truth that has been a secret since they walked in, and they leave just the way they met.. strangers.


Omar Abou Doma (Cinematographer/DP)
Karim  Yousry (Art Director)
Ahmad  Elsawy (Music)
Ahmad  Elsawy (Sound Designer )
Fares  Kerim, Yasmeen  Mokhtar (Other)


Mennah Shalaby, Eyad Nassar, Asser Yassien, Samia Asaad