Director : Krishand RK / 15:03 mins / India / 2019


India / 15:03 / 2019/ Hindi

Direction & DoP Krishand R K Sound Design Sam  Santhosh Editing Rakesh Cherumadam Music Ajmal  Hasabulla Other Vysakh Reetha, Syama Bindu, Ajith  Haridas, Ruhan Nagra, Nikhil  PS

 Synopsis: This short documentary is about the current crisis the indigenous people in the valley of Narmada are facing because of the unplanned and callous construction of dams across the river. The documentary looks into the human rights violation aspect.

Director’s Bio: Krishanand is an independent film-maker, cinematographer and writer-director from Bangalore, India. His films deal with the themes of urbanization, religion, corporatism, crime and social stigmas. He is the director of Utsaha Ithihasam, a Malayalam web series currently running on Zee5. The Series won the ‘2018 – Best dramedy’ at Seoul Web Fest.