Director : Anand Patwardhan / 236:00 mins / India / 2018


India / 236:00 / 2018/ Marathi, English, Hindi

Direction, Editing & DoP Anand Patwardhan DoP Simantinu Dhuru Music Shahir Nikam, Sheethal Sathe Sound Design P M Satheesh

Synopsis: Between 2013-2017 men on motorcycles shot dead four prominent Indian rationalists. All of them dissenters of upper-caste, right wing Hindutva supremacy; much reminiscent of Gandhi’s being gunned down half a century earlier. The forces that inspired Gandhi’s elimination had gone underground for decades post the act. Today the same forces, having taken on a new face, is in power, lending impunity to hate crimes, lynching and other such acts of violence. Vivek explores how resistance seems to be an unavoidable recourse and response at this point.

Director’s Bio: Anand Patwardhan has been making political documentaries for over four decades pursuing diverse and controversial issues that are at the crux of socio-political life in India. Many of his films despite garnering national and international awards were at one time or another banned by the censors and by state television channels and became the subject of litigation.