Director : Priya Thuvassery / 52:00 mins / India / 2019


India / 52:00 / 2019/ English, Tamil

Direction, Editing & DoP Priya Thuvassery DoP Nitasha  Kapahi, Arnav  Kakar, Nefertiti Chakravarti Editing Reena Mohan Music Bindhu Malini Sound Design Amrith Shankar Avantika Nimbalkar Animation Mithun Mohan

Synopsis: Coral Woman revolves around Uma, a 53 year old scuba diver. The film is about how the presence and the reality of the coral reefs of the Gulf of Mannar inspired a homemaker in her 50s, to learn to swim, dive and paint, in order to garner attention to an alarming environmental issue.

Director’s Bio: Priya Thuvassery is an independent filmmaker and television producer from Kerala, based in New Delhi, India. She has had the experience of directing, producing and editing documentary films & television programmes for New Delhi Television, Fox Traveller, National Human Rights Commission of India, Films Division of India, Public Service Broadcasting Trust & Khabar Lahariya. She has fundraised, directed and edited several documentaries – Khanabadosh, My Sacred Glass Bowl and Survey Number zero.