Director : Avinash Maurya, Kriti Gupta / 25:58 mins / India / 2018


India / 25:58 / 2018/ Hindi

Direction Avinash Maurya Editing Kriti Gupta Sanjay Maharishi DoP Ashish Garg Other Sankalp Agarwal

Synopsis: As public spaces are going missing in the face of rapid urbanization, Indian craftsmen share their stories of Jajam, a large traditional textile that was a gathering space for people in the villages of Rajasthan. Rediscovering Jajam is about how Jajam’s presence has featured in peoples’ lives, their experiences of it, beliefs and so on.

Director’s Bio: Avinash Maurya is from the capital city of Delhi. He is a post-graduate drop out and has no formal training or experience in film making.

Kriti Gupta is from the state of Rajasthan in India. She is a post-graduate in Fine Arts with no formal training or experience in film making.