Director : Nikhil Patil / 25:47 mins / India / 2019

Direction Nikhil Patil DoP Sreejith Gopalan Editing Ghanshyam Shimpi Sound Design Piyush Shah

Synopsis: Lightwala Geyser tells the tale of Shobhana, a school teacher who is looking forward to her maternity break eight months into her pregnancy, and an interesting exchange she has with a six year old that teaches her an important lesson she’s unlikely to forget.

Director’s Bio: Nikhil Patil is an FTII product currently working as a freelance writer and director in Bombay. His final FTII project Chav has been screened and awarded at many film festivals which include Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF-Student Category), Pune International Film Festival, Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Chitrabharati Film Festival Delhi, etc.