Director : Shawn Sebastian, Tejasvi Dantuluri / 26:07 mins / India / 2019


India / 26:07 / 2019/ Hindi

Direction Shawn Sebastian, Tejasvi Dantuluri Editing Shawn Sebastian DoP Tejaswi Dantuluri Composition Ashish Zachariah Animation Varun Browney

Synopsis: Colors of Narol set in the dense textile and industrial hub of Narol in the periphery of Ahmedabad is a moving montage of the arduous journeys undertaken by five migrant workers as they move out of their villages to find a foothold in the city, in a quest for livelihood and survival.

Director’s Bio: Shawn Sebastian is an independent journalist, documentary film maker and photographer. He is the winner of two United Nations awards and other international film festival awards for his development themed documentaries. Tejaswi Dantuluri is a development communication expert and documentary film maker from Hyderabad. She has been researching on women, indigenous issues and have been studying, and working closely on, food and nutrition security, communication sovereignty and agro-ecology.