Director : Tanuja Chandra / 20:43 mins / India / 2018

DoP Saurabh Goswami Editing Akshara Prabhakar Sound Design Hemant Rao Music Kowli Art Direction Aparna Sud, Garima Mathur

Synopsis: Set on an eventful rainy evening, A Monsoon Date tells the tale of a young woman’s emotional commute, as she is on her way to see the man she is seeing with a resolve to share with him a heart-breaking truth about her past.

Director’s Bio: Known for making films with female protagonists, Tanuja Chandra was among a handful of women directors when she first started out. Even now, with 20 years in the industry, as a director of seven feature films she continues to champion stories of women by women, for women and she hopes to be a part of this genre of filmmaking for a long time. Her filmography includes Dushman, Sangarsh, yeh Zindagi Ka Safar, Sur, Filmstar, Zindagi Rocks, Hope and A Little Sugar, Silvat and Qarib Qarib Single.