Face to Face

Directors (from left) Krishna Kumar, Aneez K M, Mitali Biswas, Kasthuri Basu, Pramati Anand and Umesh Bagade in session-1 of Face to Face at the 11th edition of International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala

Face to Face session-2: directors (from left) Rafeeq Ellias, Theertha Mythry, Bilal A Jan, Debalina Majumder, Satheesh Babu, Arun Kumar MK interacting with the delegates

Crowd at Face to Face

Arun Kumar, director of ‘Padinjatta’ in Face to Face

Director Satheesh Babu in Face to Face

Director Theertha Mythry on Face to Face

Debalina Majumder

Bilal A Jan on Face to Face

Mitali Biswas on Face to Face

Kasturi Basu

Pramati Anand

Aneez K M