India/2021/ 27:53/Malayalam

In the abandoned part of an island that is losing its battle with the backwaters, Pastor and his wife continue to cling on and stay with utmost hope. Into their midst lands a young lady who wants to avoid being killed and is soon joined by a young man who wants to end his own life. What happens when their worlds meet? In the background of the impending disaster of the island, the story throws a reflection on our current times in this film that portrays the feminine journey.

Director T N Shajimon Nalinakshan

T.N Shajimon is a director, screenplay writer and Seethakali artist. He was a recipient of – Kerala State Television Award 2016 for Best Screenplay and Kerala Folklore Academy Award for Seethakali 2018.


Anu wakes up to find out that her mother is searching for her missing gold chain, which is a family treasure. Anu thinks she might have given the chain to her fiancé, Vineeth, though he has no memory of it. Or was it all a dream? What follows is the comical and bizarre situations of both families looking for the chain.

Director Varun Dhara
Varun Dhara is a director and actor from Kerala. He directed a short film named Peru Gayathri and acted in movies like Thanneermatthan Dinangal and Super Sharanya.

Endless Time
Theera Neram
India/2021/ 17:08/Malayalam

Four friends are waiting for the girlfriend of Vishnu (one of the four friends), early morning at a local junction. One of the friends, Hari, has a highly irritating character. His irritating nature is what drives the plot of the film. Film ends with how the central character Hari reacts to the murder of girl’s husband.
Director Earnest George
Earnest George is an aspiring director from Kerala. Theera Neram is his first short film.

India/2021/ 10:04/Malayalam

Security shows one day in the life of a security guard in a small town in Kerala, India. In contradiction to his job, his life is socially, financially and emotionally insecure.
Director Sooraj K R
Sooraj K R is a director from Calicut, Kerala. He completed a 2-year diploma in Film Direction from Neo Film School, Cochin. He has done four short films.


India/2021/ 16:53/Malayalam

Arundhati is a popular Malayalam film actress who is media-shy. On her PR team’s insistence, she initiates a live chat with her Facebook followers; but it takes an unexpected turn and she is shattered. What Arundhati makes of this fiasco forms the crux of the film. The film was exclusively shot-from-home, using only the actors’ mobile phones, during the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Director Mridul George
Mridul George, a native of Muvattupuzha is a director and screenwriter. He is the co-writer of the Malayalam feature film Luca. His short films include Mattoru Katha & Bhootham Bhaavi Varthamanam.


The First Miracle of Saint Arappi
Vishuddha Arappiyude Onnam Athbhutha Pravarthi

India/2021/ 13:37/Malayalam

The village half-wit, Arappi, is called by Kanyaka the prostitute to dispose the dead body of an unfortunate Kunjappan, one of the main old guys of the Village, who dies while with her. Arappi never guesses the adventures he will be going through that night, and more importantly what he might actually end up doing for Kunjappan than just disposing off his body.

Director Anzarulla Anz
Anzarulla has been working in the Malayalam Film Industry since 2000. He has been an associate to directors like Sameer Thahir, and late Rajesh Pillai, and worked in movies like Traffic, Chappa Kurish, Mili, Kali, etc.


Two Deaths
Randu Maranangal

India/2021/ 18:03/Malayalam
Two estranged lovers are meeting for the last time. Tara, a Psychiatrist and her past lover, who is on a runaway from honor killing as she finds solace at Tara’s place. The film depicts the conditions of Indian women whose only way to live the Indian way of life is through insanity.

Director Arjun K
Arjun K is a director who hails from the northern part of Kerala. Two Deaths is his first short film.