Mannu: Sprouts of Endurance  / India/2020/113.04/Malayalam,Tamil

Munnar Plantation Strike in 2015 was a labour strike organized by the women plantation workers which resulted in the formation of a labour organization called Pempilai Orumai (Women’s Unity). The film chronicles the encroachment of vast stretches of a hilly land, the eviction of its rightful owners and their struggle for existence. It explores the ruthless impact of policies on the land and soil, the irreparable long-standing damage it causes to the environment and fragile terrain.

Director Ramdas Kadavallur
Ramdas Kadavallur is a film maker from Kerala and also the founding member of Clone Cinema Alternative, an independent film organization based in Delhi. Started his career as a journalist in Malayala Manorama, he also worked as news reader in All India Radio, Delhi. He has authored a book on gender, penned several articles on human rights issues, and also assisted several documentary film projects.

Sha Sa Ha India/2020 /40.25/Malayalam

The docu-fiction travels from the pre-covid world in 2013 through the footage of a few characters interspersed with their present life shot by themselves in the scenario of Covid lockdown. The film explores the filmmaker’s reflections on life and art, and how a pandemic like the Covid affects and influences our lives and thoughts.
Director Ratheesh Ravindran
Ratheesh Ravindran is a director and cinematographer from Kerala. He has directed a feature film called ‘Pixelia’ which was premiered at the Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF 2018) in the National Competition category. He has directed two short films ‘The Aquarium’ and ‘The Itch’.

Social Prisoners India/2019/ 66.55/Malayalam
A cinematic plunge into the journey of two girls to Manali by crushing the walls around them. Exploring into their stories and desires, the documentary walk towards their nuances of freedom and happiness.

Director Gilbert George
Gilbert George is a director and cinematographer who reside in Kochi, Kerala. He has done multiple short films and a documentary called ‘The Phoenix State’ which depicts the massive floods that almost wrecked Kerala in 2018. He currently works as a writer in Malayalam film industry.