RANJAN PALIT: Forever Young

Ranjan Palit is an established cinematographer, director and producer with over 35 years of experience. He has shot over a hundred documentaries, 14 feature films and around 250 commercials for screen and television. Ranjan has won four National Awards and several international awards. He has been conducting master classes on cinematography and documentary filmmaking, Berkeley, Austin, Helsinki, Busan and Taipei, among others, and been on several international festival juries, including at Yamagata, Japan.

The diploma film of Palit, an alumnus of FTII, was noticed by Anand Patwardhan, with whom he went on to collaborate to create the masterpiece Bombay: Our City.

Since then he has worked in Bengali, Hindi and South Indian language films. Over the years he has been part of some of the iconic films of our times ranging from documentaries to feature films. Some of the documentaries he has directed and acted in include Forever Young (2008), about Shillong-based singer Lou Majaw, and D’Cruz and Me (2017), about how alcoholism affects a bit player in the Bengali film industry. Through his film In Camera (2010), Palit presents his philosophical approach towards filmmaking and revisits some of the important documentaries he has shot and directed, including Bombay: Our City (1985), Manjira Dutta’s Babulal Bhuiyan Ki Qurbani (1987), Reena Mohan’s Kamlabai (1991) and Amar Kanwar’s Night of Propshecy (2001).
In fiction his filmography includes on 7 Khoon Maaf and Pataakha (Vishal Baradwaj), Ghost Stories (Dibakar Banerjee) and Tangra Blues (Supriyo Sen). Palit’s directorial feature debut was Lord of the Orphans (2020). Ranjan Palit is currently directing his next feature film.

In 2015, he returned his national awards as a mark of protest, along with 23 others of the film fraternity, citing “the increasing intolerance on part of the Government to listen to the voices of the people” as the main reason. He has actively participated in people’s movements and openly voiced his opinions on social issues. He also conducts workshops and sessions, and frequently interacts with young technicians and students. Having been in the industry for over four decades, he is still one of the most sought after cinematographers in the country.