A Fallen Fruit
Cambodia/2020/ 13:00/Khmer

Thy, the young son of a cricket farmer, mourns his mother’s passing and faces the arrival of his father’s new bride and her daughter. The film is a portrait of a day in Thy’s world of silent grief and hopeful dreams painted over a canvas of rural Cambodia.

Director Amit Dubey
Amit Dubey was born and raised in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. His travels took him to Cambodia in 2010, where he has been living ever since. During his time in Cambodia, Amit has made four short films, and three features.



A Love Song in Spanish
Panama, France/2021/ 24:00/Spanish

She lives a lonely monotony; her days are a routine of repetitive actions. She tries to free herself from the memory of the body of a man stroked by war. A biographical performance between the director and her grandmother to confront the domestic dictatorship of their family.

Director Ana Elena Tejera
Ana Elena Tejera is a Panamanian film director, performer and actress. She is an artist resident at Le Fresnoy.  Her first film, “Panquiaco” was premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in the Official Bright Future Competition.


Turkey/2020/ 15:00/Turkish

Anoush, a little girl and Leyla, a teacher meets. Leyla learns that the village school had been abandoned many years ago and that there are no children in the school age. Anoush could not learn to write although he could read because her teacher resigned and left the village. They are forced to spend the night in the same house. Will the two passengers get what they want despite the long road?

Director Deniz Telek
Deniz Telek was one of the 10 directors in the workshop: Film Directing With Bela Tarr organized by the Antalya Film Forum in 2018. His first short film, “The Gentle Sadness of Things, won the 38th Istanbul Film Festival FİPRESCİ Award.


Hungary/2021/20:00/Bosnian, Hungarian, Serbian

Yugoslavia, 1991. Far away from the war zones Branka gets a job at a maternity ward of a state hospital. The young woman is all alone, but it turns out loneliness is not the hardest burden Branka has to carry. Newborns are disappearing from the hospital.

Director Ákos K. Kovács
Ákos K. Kovács is a writer and director from Senta, Yugoslavia. His BA diploma work, Away (directed by Roland Ferge) debuted at the Berlinale Generation in 2014 where it won Special Mention of the Generation Kplus International Jury.


Day is Done
Xia Wu Guo Qu Le Yi Ban
China/2021/ 24:00/Mandarin Chinese

Xiao Lei, who never leaves his karate sticks behind, has now grown up. Life in grandfather’s house is always tranquil, even the trivial daily routines of the family members are carried out with underlying order. With this short film, the director presents us with what he understands about the day-to-day life of an oriental family.

Director Zhang Dalei

Zhang Dalei is a director and editor who studied at St. Petersburg State Film and Television University. His feature film The Summer is Gone has won the FIPRESCI Prize, Best Feature Film and Best New Performer at the 53rd Golden Horse Film Festival.


Dolapo is Fine
United Kingdom/2020/ 15:00/English

Soon to leave her very British boarding school, Dolapo is pressured to conceal her natural hair, and to change her name in order to get a job in the City. Dolapo buys a wig, but the hair leaves her questioning its uncertain origins and she is forced to reconsider her own assumptions about identity.

Director Ethosheia Hylton
Ethosheia Hylton is a London born actor, writer and director. In 2018 she was presented the inaugural European Academy Gold Fellowship for Women. Her works include In the Silence, Brixton Rock, Cutting Edge, Lia and Small World.
My Border, My Forest
Il confine è un bosco
Italy/2020/ 18:00/Croatian, Italian

Ivan is a 60 year old worker born in former Yugoslavia. One day he decides that the time has come to undertake a journey that will take him back to the places of his childhood, trying to solve the sense of guilt that he feels since he was a child.
Director Giorgio Milocco
Giorgio Milocco is a director, author, art director and editor for documentaries, fiction and commercials. In 1998 he achieved the second prize and the special mention jury award at the CorMor Festival with the short film “La luna di formaggio”.


Once You Pop
Cuando haces pop
Spain/2021/ 16:00/Spanish

Alicia and Ruth finally leave their trendy neighbourhood in Madrid to play with their band at a festival. The problem is that they are stranded the middle of nowhere and they can’t get a signal. Their only way to get there on time is to get into Javi’s car, a young hunter from the area who doesn’t give them a good feeling.

Directors Kevin Castellano, Eduardo Hirschfeld

Eduardo Hirschfeld and Kevin Castellano founded a production company named Recvolution Productions in 2013. Their film Nubes Rojas was awarded as the Best Film at the Internacional de Western Film Festival in Almería.


Sunrise in my Mind
Cambodia/2020/ 14:00/Central Khmer

Pich, a young woman working at a beauty salon spends most of her nights at work chatting and gossiping with her coworkers and customers. One night, she gives into her restrained interest in Lay, a young man who spends his evenings driving Phnom Penh’s streets by motorbike as a delivery man. They share an unspoken desire, an impatient encounter, and the strange realization of mutual attraction.

Director San Danech
San Danech has worked in production on a variety of projects with Anti-Archive since 2015. Her first short film as a director, A MILLION YEARS, won Best Southeast Asian Short at Singapore International Film Festival 2018 and the Arte Award at Kurzfilm Hamburg 2019


The Artwork

A journalist is going to interview the most famous Danish artist. This task turns into a real nightmare.

Director Pezhmann Mokary
Pezhmann Mokary is a director from Kurdistan. In 2018 he won the Best Art Film Award from the Movie Screen Pro film festival for his short film Memories and in 2020 won best documentary award from the Urban Vision Film Festival, Italy for his short documentary Osaka: a city symphony.
The Blue Bed
Takhte Abi
Canada, Iran/2020/ 14:00/Farsi

Zahra, a middle-aged woman, visits a temporary marriage agency and signs up to get a young working girl. She picks her up to take her home, but the girl (Negar) who has never had a female client, becomes suspicious of Zahra’s intent and sexual orientation.

Director Alireza Kazemipour
Alireza Kazemipour is a multi-awarded Iranian-Canadian screenwriter, director, and producer. He has directed a documentary feature film “Margin vs. Center” and a new short film “Split Ends.


The Button
El boton
Spain/2021/ 24:00/Spanish

Lucia, a doctor who is emotionally destroyed after being suspended from the hospital where she worked, receives an unexpected emotional twist that prompts her to see the life differently.

Director Adolfo Peña
Adolfo Peña is a director and cinematographer who hail from Spain. He started his career in advertising 2 years ago achieving repercussions in works such as the viral spot “The Last Gift”.


The Criminals
Les Criminels
France, Romania, Turkey/2021/ 24:00/Turkish

A young couple looks for some privacy in a town in Turkey. They get rejected from hotels as they didn’t own a marriage certificate. When they think they have found a way, the situation gets out of hand
Director Serhat Karaaslan
Serhat Karaaslan is a director from Varto, Turkey. His film Passed by Censor was the opening film of 24th IFFK. His other films include Bicycle, Musa, Ice Cream.


The Longest Dream that I Remember
El sueño más largo que recuerdo
Mexico/2020/ 20:00/Spanish

Tania intents to leave her hometown where her father has been taken away from by the authorities. However, she must confront what her absence will mean to her family and their ongoing search for him.

Director Carlos Lenin

Carlos Lenin is a Mexican filmmaker from Linares, Mexico. His short film 24o 51’ North Latitude received the Orona Prize at the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival. His first feature film, The Dove and the Wolf was awarded the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award at 72nd Locarno Film Festival.


The Name of the Son
El nombre del hijo
Argentina/2020/ 13:00/Spanish

Luncho, a 13 year old trans boy doesn’t usually share much time with his father. The film develops as a new closeness blooms in their daily life during the vacation spent with his father and younger sister, which further put their relationship to the test.

Director Martina Matzkin
Martina Matzkin is a director from Argentina. Her first short film, ‘Charlas de Taj Mahal’, was premiered in BAFICI, and her second one, ‘El otro cuerpo’, on CINEFEM.


The Woman from Bar Blue
Haisha MeBar Blue
Israel/2021/ 15:00/Arabic

The film centers on an encounter between an upper class family and their son’s girlfriend whom he plans to marry. The sceptic mother likes her son’s girlfriend in the meeting which started perfectly fine. But eventually grandmother begins to suspect the intention of the visit following the events that shakes the relationship between family members.
Director Jalal Masarwa
Jalal Masarwa is an actor and director. He studied cinema at Obscura, located in Tel Aviv. He also studied theatre arts at Stella Adler School in Los Angeles.


Bangladesh, United Kingdom/2020/ 19:00/Bengali

Stuck in a lonely and unforgiving city, a Bus Canvasser waits for an opportunity to migrate to create a better future for his family. Migrating means making sacrifices, but sometimes the reasons to stay outweigh the reasons to leave.
Director Ariq Anam Khan
Ariq Anam Khan is a versatile writer, director, and producer from Bangladesh. He did his MA in Filmmaking Programme at the London Film School in 2017. His films include The Smile, Age of Gypsies, Forgotten Wings and About Jordan.


Trumpets in the Sky
Lebanon, France, Belgium/2021/15:00/Arabic

Boushra, one of the Syrian potato-picking girls in Lebanon, returns from a long day of work in the field only to learn that today her childhood will come to an end.
Director Rakan Mayasi
Rakan Mayasi is a Director, Screenwriter & Producer from Palestine. His film Roubama got official selection at the Locarno Film Festival in 2012. His short film Bonbone was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017.


Two Cacti
Dos Cactus
Mexico/2020/ 19:00/Spanish

A story about the breakdown that can harm a couple’s relationship when important decisions to make and responsibility are only taken by one of the two parties. A partnership conflict which is revealed little by little, by the hand and the experience and emotional process of Sofía and Mateo.

Director Angelica Romanini
Angelica Romanini is a film director, naturist and flower therapist from Mexico. She is a graduate of Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC). Presently, she is editing her first documentary film “Chiaroscuro”.


Colombia, Venezuela/2020/7:00/Spanish

A professor prepares to give an online class. When a series of situations begin, an unexpected virus occurs that contaminates the conference attendees.
Director Daniel Carrillo, Francisco Villarroel

Francisco Villarroel is a lawyer, writer, actor, director and film producer from Venezuela. His films “Two Autumns in Paris” and “Tango Bar” won many international awards all over the globe. Daniel Carrillo is a director and editor from Venezuela. He has been a editor of the films “Dos otoños en París” and “Tango Bar”.


What We Don’t Know About Mariam
Ma la na’refo an Mariam
Egypt/2021/ 25:00/Arabic

Mariam goes to a public hospital with her husband and daughter; bleeding and suffering from severe pain in her abdomen. After the medical examination things escalate between Mariam and her husband.
Director Morad Mostafa
Morad Mostafa is an Egyptian Director who studied Film directing in “Cinema Palace”. His film “Henet Ward” was premiered at “Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival” in the International Competition.