1    Antarvasna      
Abhinav Singh    Hindi, Marathi    India    16.52    2020

A middle-aged housewife and mother of a 12 year old struggles to find time for herself to masturbate
between unending housework and an ignorant husband.


2    Arjun        
Shivraj Waichal    Marathi    India    14    2021

The story of a little blind boy who sees the world through his own vision. Arjun is introduced to the art of sketching, rather stencil sketching by his cousin and an artist – Ateesh. Someone who perceives this world through touch, this is another way of seeing the beauty of this world, for Arjun. He wants to gift a sketch to his  favourite teacher.


3    Canvas      
Anindya Roy    Bengali    India    19.42    2021

A retired school teacher had a desire in his childhood to become a painter, which was then abandoned with his family disapproving. He is obsessive about sanitizing and panics consistently when he watches people flouting Covid norms. One day he falls sick after hearing news of new Covid variant.


4    Carnival  /   Mela   
Pranjal Joshi, Aniket Trivedi    Hindi    India    14.57    2020

The aspiration of three little homeless boys to enter the city carnival starts with collecting pennies out of their workaday struggles. Unbeknownst to their innocence, a twist awaits them, only to turn the night into a childhood adventure or misadventure?



5    Haze  /  Dhummas    
Nainisha Dedhia    Gujarati    India    19.41    2020

Through an interaction between an old grandmother who has supposedly lost her memory and a young girl Mrinalini, ‘Dhummas’ asks, What does it really mean to have a voice in a deeply patriarchal ‘advanced’ society?

6    I Don’t Want To Be Born Again For Poem        
Bhaskar Jyoti Das, Waribam Dorendra    Assamese    India    22    2019

Revolutions are going on, in the society, near and far. A poet searches for human value in the greater realm of nature. One afternoon, the poet, Abani Chakraborty disappears and leaves many confusions.
7    Janazah        
Kiran Kambrat    Malayalam    India    21.3    2021

Janazah is the story of a fantastical journey to death of the 80 year old, Gandharvan Haji. He travels at night in the same Janazah carrier where his ancestors were carried, in the arms of his children. As he reaches the most relaxed state of his life, the wonders of the sky begin to call to him. Gandharvan Haji’s beautiful journey to heaven begins here.

8    Keep Safe Distance  /   Nirapod Durotto Bojay Rakhun    
Debottam Basu    Bengali    India    37.43    2021

A 80 year old Radhakanta suffers a heart attack. His two sons break into a fight for inheritance of his property while taking the dying father to the hospital.
9    Pariah     
Vishesh Iyer    English, Hindi    India    25.57    2019

In order to battle his sexual urges, an aged virtuous paedophile is trying to circumvent around his maid’s daughter. Things start to escalate when new tenants move in, leading their lives into a complex path of uncertainty.

10    Pilibhit  
Ashutosh Chaturvedi, Pankaj Mavchi    Hindi    India    23.13    2020

Siraj, a righteous flute maker, resides at the edge of the forests of Pilibhit, where man eating tigers thrive. Mounting livelihood pressures and tragedies corner him to take a drastic measure that threatens to tear down his values and a loved one.

11    Question   /  Prashna    
Santosh Ram    Marathi    India    23.44    2020

Ganga and Rajkumar work as seasonal sugar cutting labourers. Their contionus migration affected the
educational status of their child Ganesh. How Ganga, a 3rd Standard educated woman overcomes the
problem of Ganesh’s Education as well as finds a way of acquiring knowledge for her own progress.

12    Sex likes and Stories     
Keith Gomes    English, Hindi    India    12.57    2020

In the digital world, nobody is living just one life anymore. They often ask the question, Am I looking
bad in this photo? Should I pose? Or should I look natural? Driven by desire and validation, three social
media users must overcome their insecurities and meet in the real world.
13    Someday      
Shefali Shah    English    India    13.51    2021

Vidhi, a frontline warrior consumed by the medical situation tormenting us. After 15 days on duty she comes home to 7-day quarantine. But, can one call it home, when there’s only distance between her and the one she loves, her Mom, who is gradually turning into a relic of herself due to Alzheimer’s. They share conversations from the past and the future with no present to tie them. Some real, some imaginary.
14    Sunday    
Arun Fulara    Hindi    India    10.04    2020


When the middle-aged Kamble makes his weekly visit to the neighbourhood barber shop, it is not just
for a shave. He cannot wait to be touched by Jaan, the new barber-boy he has a crush on.
15    The Boy with a Gun   /  Kachichinithu    
Khanjan Kishore Nath    Karbi    India    15    2019

Lonsing, a schoolboy lives in a hilly village with his parents. Every day, he carries the tiffin for his father
who is a farmer. One day, he gets a small bag on the hilly road. He finds a pistol inside the bag and hides
it from everyone. He tries to trigger it but fails. He starts playing with it. Gradually a bonding is created
between him and the pistol. One day a terrible incident happens. He decides to give up his pistol.
16    The Meat   /  Mangsho    
Tathagata Ghosh    Bengali    India    19.02    2020


Rizwan, a migrant worker has walked back all the way to his hometown from Delhi due to the nationwide lockdown as the corona virus hit India. Out of job and belonging from the religious minority, he feels cornered. Due to strict measures from the police, Rizwan hides his religious identity and takes shelter for the day at Sahadev’s place, an upcoming Islamophobic politician. But things soon take a dark turn.

17    Veena and Ukulele        
Unni Vijayan    English, Kannada    India    18.5    2020

In an apartment block, One young girl is trying to step out in her shorts. Her mother complaints about her clothes. In an adjacent apartment, another young one, wearing the demure outfit, is learning the Veena, a traditional string instrument. Only the accomplished play the veena. In the first apartment,  meanwhile, the first girl surrenders to the quiet control by her mother, and leaves in a pair of jeans, so she can get the taxi fare she needs.


18    Wet Blue Tarpaulin  /  Bhija Neel Terpal    
Anunay Barbhuiya    Sylheti, Hindi, Marathi    India    25    2019

A migrant from Assam working in a Marathi restaurant in Pune has to make a forged ID to continue working in the city while struggling to contact his wife back in Assam.