A Puff
India/2020/27:55/English, Malayalam

The documentary explores the lives of different individuals & their reasons for smoking.

Director Aravind Gopal
Aravind Gopal is a filmmaker who has been writing & directing films since he graduated as a Film & Video Designer from the MIT Institute of Design, MIT ADT University, Pune.



India/2021/05:25/No Dialogue

Exploration and documentation of people and a space loved by the director. It can be called a diary film which borders between non-fiction and fiction and uses different elements of documentary.

Director Tridisha Goswami
Tridisha Goswami is a graduate in Film, TV and New Media Production from Mumbai University and is a filmmaker from Assam. She has made three short films until now and has assisted in college film projects.



Bamboo Ballads
India/ 2020/29:49/Malayalam

The story of a school student, Naina Febin who is using music to conserve her favourite plant, bamboo. She plants bamboo saplings in every available space. She distributes bamboo saplings to the residents in her neighbourhood. Naina is even writing a book on bamboo. She has formed a bamboo music band that uses only instruments made of bamboo. She is the lead vocalist and the band has only one.

Director Sajeed Naduthody
Sajeed Naduthody is a documentary filmmaker who has won UGC-CEC national awards for documentaries for three times, NCERT’s All India Children’s Educational Video Festival awards three times. He has received Kerala State Television Award for Best Documentary Director.



Breaking the Silence

This documentary traces the challenges of the first ever organized women musical group in Assam, who showed rare audacity and bravery to establish the band in 1979. The five member women group performed stage shows in the 1980s in Assam fighting against the social taboo and prejudice. They belonging to different caste and religion, redefined woman’s position in the society.

Director Parthajit Baruah
Parthajit Baruah is an alumnus of Fergusson College, Pune, Parthajit Baruah debuted as a documentary filmmaker with “Laxmi Orang”. His filmography includes Rising from the Grave, Reema Panging: The Untold Story, The Dhemaji Tragedy, Chiaroscuro, etc.


Daily Bread
Rijak Roti

An observational poetic documentary that follows the life of a folk musician who draws his identity from a distinctive disappearing craft. The life and struggles of Kishan Ram Bhopa, a Ravanahatha player, are illustrative of the plight of many street musicians who rely on the traditional instruments which have sustained their communities for generations.

Director Krishna Raj Soni
Krishna Raj Soni is a 22 year old Film student currently studying in The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. His works incudes The Calling (Horror Short) & Samasya (Comedy/Educational short).



Discarded Documents
Chera Tamshuk
India/2020/21:02/ Bengali

A yesteryear filmmaker finds himself trapped between the memories of his early days and his current vocation as a security guard. This documentary explores few days of that person as he starts on a journey to relive those old good days once more against all odds.

Director Suvarthi Mohanti
Suvarthi Mohanti has completed PG Diploma in Film Direction from Roopkala Kendro, an Institute of Film and Social Communication in the Information and Cultural Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal has been formed out of an Indo-Italian technical cooperation in 1995.



Gussadi – Celebration of being God
India/2021/30:00/English, Telugu

This Documentary film depicts the centuries old traditional rites associated with Gussadi and Dandari festival. The festival celebrated by Gonds, Kolams, Thotis and Pardhan indigenous tribes of Adilabad (India) is an amalgamation of mythic history, invocation of Gods, enchanting dances, songs and prayers for protection of the crops and more.

Director Jennifer Alphonse
Jennifer Alphonse is a Hyderabad based International Award winning writer, independent filmmaker and producer. She is the first Indian Female Filmmaker from India or perhaps Asia to have extensively shot in Afghanistan for her first feature film Habeeb.



India/ 2021/25:25/Malayalam

Dr. Haripriya Namboodiri is a rarety in the world of the art form “Kathakali”, a classical dance-theatre from Kerala. Breaching the traditions of Kathakali, centuries-old, strictly guarded male bastion, the petite performer has made a mark as a sthree vesham (female characters) specialist in a gamut of roles that include Lalita, Urvashi, Damayanti, Pootana etc.

Director Sruthi Sharanyam
Sruthi Sharanyam is a filmmaker and lyricist from Kerala. She is attracted to stories that philosophically and culturally approach interesting lives.



India/2020/21:37/ Malayalam

Kumba, the true model of willpower, belongs to the Kurichiya community of Vellamunda in Wayanad district. She is paralysed below the hip due to an accident that happened in her childhood. Even then she bravely faces the struggles of life. The physical disability never made her mind disable. The willpower, determination and hard work make Kumba the real Iron Lady.

Director Lishoy M S
Lishoy Ms is as journalist and director who hails from Kerala. He is currently working as a reporter at Mathrubhumi News, Thrissur bureau. He completed his Msc Visual Communication.



Let him Fly
Use Udane Do
India/2021/29:21/ English, Hindi

Let Him Fly draws on footage shot over eight years to lyrically document the rise and exponential growth of the Delhi hip hop scene. The film spotlights some of the most influential artists in the scene who, despite various challenges, have persisted with their craft as they have become men navigating adult responsibilities and uncertain futures

Director Ethiraj Dattatreyan, Priya Sen
Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan is an anthropologist, filmmaker and photographer based in London, UK. His previous films include Cry Out Loud and Dr. Trash. Priya Sen is a New Delhi based filmmaker and artist working with nonfiction and experimental genres across film, video, sound, and installation.



Mahatma Gandhi Road
India/2019/22:09/ English

This documentary is a sartorial journey in search of the questions: who made my cloth? Who wove it? And which is the place of origin? Clothes do not merely envelope the body. It connects with memory, identity, culture, race, sexuality. In India Khadi was the key to the freedom and self-reliance that Mahatma Gandhi had envisaged for the nation. Now the role of Khadi is changed.

Director R Sarath
R Sarath is post graduate in English literature and has received formal training in Film Production and Journalism. He is a winner of one National Award, Four Kerala State Awards & Twelve International Awards.



Making of Moss(Z)art
India/ 2021/ 09:05/ Malayalam

The documentary chronicles the creation of a photographic series by Unni Pulikkal S, titled ‘Moss(Z)art’, done in 2019. ‘Moss(Z)art’ was inspired by the music of W.A. Mozart. Exploring the abstract imagery created naturally by moss on wet surfaces, Unni made painterly alterations on it creating colorful abstract works which he then photographed.

Director Unni Krishnan Pulikkal S
Unnikrishnan Pulikkal is the founding director of Photo Muse – The Museum of Photography, India. He is a senior fellow of the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India in Creative Photography and Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, London, England.



Nokkuvidya- The life of a lone string puppeteer

Nokkuvidya is a centuries old, unique folk puppetry in Kerala, which is under the threat of extinction. It is performed by women belonging to Velan community. Moozhikkal Pankajakshi is the remaining exponent of this puppetry. Her granddaughter Renjini decided to learn the difficult art just before Pankajakshiyamna happened to have a memory loss and thereby she could hand over the precious art to the generations.

Director Reshmi Radhakrishnan
Reshmi Radhakrishnan is a freelance Journalist and independent film maker working with online news portals writing articles on women related to art and movies. Nadi: My Journey through the Life of Miss Kumari is a documentary made by her.



Noor Islam
India/2020/20:00/Assamese, Bengali

The state of Assam is facing a humanitarian crisis owing to an environment of uncertainty, anxiety and fear, as people would rather die than be sent to detention centres for not being able to establish their citizenship. The film tries to bring forward the urgent issue of illegal immigration in India and how some of them might get forced to seek refuge in their own country.

Director Devshree Nath
Devshree Nath is an Independent filmmaker from India. She has completed her film studies from the National Institute of Design, India in the year 2020.



Remembering Mashi
Germany, India/2021/12:00/ Bengali

Mashi is cooking joy, hot piping Masala Chai, for the people of Kolkata. It seems the world there doesn’t go around without having a break at her small tea stall once a day.

Director Marco Hülser
Marco Hulser studied Motion Pictures at the Hochschule Darmstadt, which he completed in 2016. Since 2017 he is studying documentary directing at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. His works includes All In, Berlin to Bombay, Space Cleaners, Alles Gut, Masala Chai & Zusammen Allein.



India/2019/12:00/ Marathi

The Documentary is an exposure to the life of an 85 year old woman who belongs to Dombari Community, a community that performs juggling acts on street.

Director Pratiik Gupta
Pratik Gupta has directed two films at FTII. He has also worked on many scripts and assisted in Films like Padman, Vithala and many more.



Something BEAUTIFUL from Mother Teresa
India, Poland/2020/11:30/English, Polish

In an attempt to understand the genesis of evil, the filmmaker confronts, in this autobiographical documentary, his own weaknesses and childhood traumas
Director Mateusz Golebiewski

Mateusz Gołębiewski is a cinematographer and director who completed film and cinematography courses at British film schools, including at the National Film and Television School, the London Film Academy and the Central Film School.



The Door to Doom
Vinashathinte Kavadam

Through the eyes of fisherman folk displaced by Vizhinjam sea port project, glimpse into the struggle of the marginalized people, displaced and fighting for survival due to the destruction and havoc unleashed by Adani’s mega project.

Director J. Bibin Joseph
J Bibin Joseph is an independent filmmaker from Kerala. He is an engineering graduate. He is the co-founder of the production house, Unofficial Film School. His filmography includes Pu and The Fragments of Illusion.



The Last Run

A glorious past withering away in a fast-changing world – The film is about a Postal Runner who runs or walks from one place to another carrying mail bags. Kalipada Mura, one of the last surviving runners, lives in a small town in Purulia, West Bengal, India.

Director Anirban Dutta
Anirban Dutta is a director and producer whose films have travelled to various international film festivals such as the New York Short Film Festival, the San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival,etc..His films include Tale of Stamps, 5 Exchange Lane, Mud House, Beyond the Mountains & Shadows of Tehri.



The Other

This film tells the parallel stories of two women, Senti a Naga who lives in Delhi and Aheli from Mumbai who lives in Nagaland. Their lives and work have taken them to different corners of the country. It is through them that we get a glimpse of how people make new lives and try to find a home in whichever place they are.

Director Yapangnaro Longkumer
Yapangnaro Longkumer is an independent documentary filmmaker from Nagaland. She has directed multiple documentaries, public service messages and government initiative film projects in the state.




Theyyam is a specific ritualistic practice in North Kerala and south Karnataka, India. It is a unique form of performance where art, culture and worship come together. Nowhere in the world is there such a colourful narrative form that combines song, rhythm and the colour variations of the ancient visual concept.

Director Jayan Mangad
Jayan Mangad is writer and documentary filmmaker from Kerala, India. He got many awards including Kerala State Folklore Academy Awards for the Best Documentary in 2020. His films include Theyyam series, Kadhavara- Stories and strokes of KA Gafoor & Methiyadi.



Vilpattu: the Bow Transcend the Music
India/ 26:00/ Tamil

Vilapattu is a film about the history and spread of Vilapattu also known Bow Song, which is an ancient form of musical story telling.

Director Jaya Jose Raj C L
Jaya Jose Raj has scripted and directed 16 Documentaries, 3 telefilms and 5 docu-fiction serials. His filmography includes Plastic Plastic, Kathaatheerathu & Parvathy Puthanar.



We Came Here To Make God
Amra Thakur Banate Aishechi

A tent is set up far away from home for its inhabitants, artisans. They bring with them bundles of clothes, tools, and their desires. While the image of God takes shape here, things are cracking at the seams elsewhere.

Director Debankon Solanky
Debankon Solanky has worked in the field of Graphic Design and Social Innovation in Goa, Bombay, Paris, Bihar and Delhi. He started his filmmaking pursuit with the documentary ‘Faces’ the film received a grant from the Asia Cinema Fund in collaboration with the BIFF.



Written in the Corners
India/2021/11:09/English, Konkani

Through juxtapositions of memory & nostalgia with modernity & despair, ‘Written in the Corners’ tells the tale of a part of the city of Panjim that is most likely to be forgotten. A city is made up of many other cities. This is the story of one of those many cities.

Director Suyash Kamat
Suyash Kamat is an aspiring filmmaker & photographer based out of Goa, India. He has helmed various projects under multiple roles which have been showcased & won awards at prestigious platforms like IFFI, Kala Ghoda, MAMI among others.



You Are Offline

India leads the world in Internet Shutdowns. ‘You are Offline’ – a film in three parts – asks questions on the political, personal, economic and emotional dimensions of Internet Shutdowns.

Director Sandhya Kumar
Sandhya Kumar is a director whose documentary O Friend, This Waiting! won the Indian National Film Award for Best Arts Cultural Film in 2012. Her films have travelled to various festivals like The Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, SF MOMA, etc.