Bread and Belonging / India/2020 /51:32/ English, Kannada, Konkani

Alzira’s family has been baking bread for generations in a traditional bakery at Goa. Although being the natives, they found it a challenge to find the local workers. There is another bakery nearby run by the non-natives. Kiran and his co-workers got adapted to a new trade, language and diet. Meanwhile, Marius, a returning migrant has set himself the task of reclaiming the bread of the past. The documentary unfolds the stories of three people dealing with migration, changing culture and the ever present need to earn a living.

Director Sonia Filinto
Sonia Filinto has worked as a producer on documentary films and non-fiction television programming in Mumbai and Dubai. Her short film ‘Shifting Sands’, on Goa’s traditional fishing community was screened at Festival Pecheurs du Monde, France.

Close to Border  / India/2021/Colour/42:19/ Baagri

Satirwala is a small village located close to the India-Pakistan Border in the state of Punjab. The Saharan family is residing in this village for almost four generations. The peaceful landscape of Satirwala gets disturbed by the history of Indo-Pak war. It reveals the tranquil, yet constantly annoyed life caused by the war memories.

Director Suvadro Chowdhury
Suvadro Chowdhury is a freelance director from Kolkata.  His Diploma Film ‘Still Life’ earned him the National Award for Best Short Fiction Film (Rajat kamal 1996). His filmography also includes ‘Prohor’ and ‘Clerk’.

Days of Summer / Graishmakalara Dina / India/2021 /58:40/ Assamese

This documentary is an interaction of the director with his family and village members in Assam. It portrays the devastating flood during lockdown period and explores the landscape of Assam changing rapidly due to the environmental, social and economic reasons.

Director Adhiraj Buragohain
Adhiraj Buragohain is a director from Assam. He did his Degree in Film Studies from Chandigarh University (University Institute of Film and Visual Arts). His filmography includes: The Lazy Guy, Aloo-Pitika and Days of Summer.


Keemat Chukati Zindagi  / India/2020/86:00/Hindi

Mahendra singh, a poet and people’s leader who had risen against the complex and layered power structure driven by his quest for truth gets eventually murdered in 2005. He ignited the spark of dignity and dissent among the people facing atrocities of power. This film unearths the life of Comrade Mahendar Singh and the subversive life through two set of film makers who investigate the truth of the man and mass.

Director Shri Prakash
Shri Prakash is a director who won Life time achievement award at International Uranium Film Festival, Window Rock, USA 2018.  His films include Kis Ki Raksha?,  Addo Miyad Ulgulan, Ragi Kana Ko Bonga Buru, Buru Sengal, Buru Garra, Jadugoda – The Black Magic, Baha (The Tale of A Wild Flower), Delayed Justice, EER- Stories in Stone, Hul Sengal Aguwa (Unsung Heroes of Hul).


Longing  / Taangh  /  India/2021/102:39/ English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Soon after partition, newly independent India won the gold medal for hockey in the 1948 London games by defeating England. Six decades later, Nandy Singh who belonged to the winning team suffered a stroke and his grit to recover inspires his daughter to retrace his life. The interview with his team mates revealed the life shaped by the victory and the partition. The daughter’s search for a friend in Pakistan morphs into a quest for the lost watan(homeland) despite the legacy of partition.

Director Bani Singh
Bani Singh studied at the National Institute of Design. She worked at the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab as a gallery visualiser and content interpreter. She was also a senior faculty at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.


The Hidden War   /  India, Australia/2020/69:03/ Gondi, English, Hindi

Set against the backdrop of India’s Maoist rebellion, one of the world’s longest run armed conflicts, the story is about love at the time of war. This film is an intimate character study of the emotional, psychological and personal impact of war in the lives of ordinary people. The movie develops in an intersecting journey of a displaced couple and a former rebel with revenge in their search for home and justice.

Director Ajay Brar
Ajay Brar is an independent filmmaker based between Berlin and Bombay. He is a 2011 graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) with a major in Direction.