An Initiative / Pahal  India/2020/ 11:59/Hindi

Directors Avinash Medhe, Swarup Deb, Anuj Kumar

A conversation between three stranger women who were waiting for their Start-up funding event to begin. They find something more valuable than funds.

Anuj, Swarup and Avinash are the co-founders of Girgit Studios, an animation film design studio. They have done M. Des. from National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad. Their filmography includes 09:09 F, Muskaan, Indian Wanderer and Amlu.


Megha India/2019/ 10:47/Bengali

Director Rishi Bhaumik

Growing up in a small town in Bengal, little Megha carries a secret that no one’s prepared to hear. The horrifying secret slowly distorts her sense of reality and it becomes a scar that lives on her mind forever.

Rishi Bhaumik has a post-graduate diploma in animation filmmaking from Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, India. His films have gone for prestigious film festivals worldwide such as Chitrakatha, TASI, MONSTRA, ANIMART, etc. His films include Ekti nichhok chotobelar golpo, The Portrait of an Artist and Nakab.


Story of a Beginning / Oru Thudakathinte Kadha  /  India/2020/ 11:48/Malayalam

Director Balaram J

When the three kids set off to see the origin of their village stream, their difference in beliefs give the journey a surprising turn. The film explores the eternal conflict of ideas among humans.

Balaram J is a writer, designer and independent filmmaker from Kerala, India. He created animation for Lijo Jose Pellissery’s feature films Jallikattu (2019) and Churuli (2021).

The Big Wave /  La Grande Onda / Italy/2020/ 15:00/Italian

Director Francesco Tortorella
The business turning point of one of the most brutal and powerful criminal organizations in the world: the ‘Ndrangheta, told through the life and death of a common man. Based on true facts.

Francesco Tortorella is a creative head and writer who started his career as an illustrator and animator. He has worked as an executive director and an art director with leading brands, including Mini, MasterCard, Mercedes Benz, Apple, and Ferrari, and with international broadcasters such as Sky, Fox, Rai, and Cartoon Network.