1    Akam

Jinesh VS    Malayalam    India    14    2021

The covid lockdown has taken charge. Every single person is required to be inside. Nobody could go anywhere. Those who lived everyday shuttled from work to home and vice versa are confined within homes.

The movie is about A 25-year-old girl, Aaru explores the underlying thrusts, senses, and insinuations of her psyche during the lockdown period. She finds comfort in the presence of her friend. They find bliss in their deep conversations and verbal expeditions. but gradually she is ascertained with a life-changing perception about herself. And she can’t process this apprehension. INSIDE is about how Aaru sort that realization, or her life for that matter.


2    Bhayabhakthi

Brijesh Prathap (Script Manoj Puncha)    Malayalam    India    10    2021

3    David & Goliath

Father Jacob Koroth, Father James Thottiyil (Script Father Jose Puthussery)     Malayalam    India    14    2021

4    Kallante Daivam

Devi P V (Script Santhosh Kumar)    Malayalam    India    14    2021

5    L I B (Life is Beautiful)

Baijuraj Chekavar (Script Hema S Chandredath)    Malayalam    India    15    2021

Life is beautiful revolves around the life journey of a lady auto driver Shibila. She is left alone in Hi Range when national lockdown was imposed and observing institutional qurantine in a cottage. During this period she is longing to meet her child, getting impressed with the ideology of ‘ Chedimuthi’- a hard core nature activist, influenced by the vested interest of Aunty, cottage owner, who monetize any social need for self benefit. Film cautions us about the dangerous consequences of exploitation of nature – Greed of mankind will lead to inevitable natural calamities ! This threat is constantly haunting the viewers as its beautifully  takes us through dream and reality…

6    Motorcycle Diaries

Jamesh Kottakkal (Script Ajaykumar M)    Malayalam    India    15    2021

The film narrates the story of a Motorcycle owner, who has parked his Motorcycle at Nilambur railway station and was trapped in the tentacles of the widespread epidemic.   It mainly focused on the craving of the Motorcycle to unite with the owner who went missing for some time. The thoughts of Motorcycle mainly revolved around the owner who loved long journeys and his much-cherished motorcycle-times with his sweetheart. The vehicle was languishing at the parking lot, relying on the promise of the owner that he would come back soon for another dream ride.

Once the Motorcycle owner recovered from the virus, he found his Motorcycle snaked by creepers, with hopes of white flowers blossoming at the top. The film comes to an end when he goes for another dream ride.



7    Ore Swasam      

Riyaz Ummer    Malayalam    India    14    2021



8    Oru Barbarinte Katha     

Shanoj R Chandran    Malayalam    India    14    2021

“Oru Barbarinte Katha” with leading character is in the makeover of German dictator Adolf Hitler. During the corona pandemic, the lonely and a bored barber formed his own hair and moustache, slowly forming an image like a Hitler. This shows his authoritarian nature to his wife, the sweeper of the government hospital, who has left him. Isolation and loneliness make him rethink his past actions.

9    Super Spreader

Harilal Lakshman (Script Anish Pallyal)    Malayalam    India    13    2021

10    The Rat

Smitto Thomas    Malayalam    India    14    2021

During the covid pandemic period a young man was planning for a trip. Before he couldn’t complete his preparation and come out from the flat, the Prime Minister announced 21 days of lockdown in the country. While hearing the shocking news he accidentally broke his mobile phone which isolated him from contacting the outside for help.The flat security was more vigilant about following covid protocol in his limit of authority which again restricted the guy from getting out from the room. After failing many attempts to fool security to get out,he decided to stay in the room for 21 days.The long boring 21 days weakened him physically as well as mentally.But which made him think about himself and his lifestyle he had in the past. He comes into a trans stage and assumes some imaginary characters are accompanying him and starts talking himself through them.He sarcastically criticises mankind through his imaginary characters and he himself had a revelation.But at the end, after lifting the lockdown he changes to the person in the past leaving behind all the revelation thoughts and turns to a typical human being.The film says , the one who pretend to be changed in to a perfect human being and turns his back on humanity for his selfish deeds is ‘The Rat’