1    If Memory Serves Me Right   

Rafeeq Ellias        India    57    2021

Rashid Irani, is an Indian of Zoroastrian-Iranian descent, one of India’s tiniest minorities. He once owned a traditional Irani restaurant, the kind that were invariably at the city’s busiest crossroads but are now slowly disappearing. A life-long lover of books and cinema, in reverse order, Rashid’s heart beats firmly at twenty-four frames per second as he traverses many worlds from his small, cosmopolitan neighborhood to the greatest films of all time from around the world. A world that ranges from Hollywood blockbusters to the most eclectic of cinema. From Marilyn Monroe to James Dean, from Werner Herzog to Abbas Kiarostami. His café, till it closed down, became a meeting place for photographers, filmmakers, artists and writers. A dedicated bachelor at 75, he ‘lived life vicariously through movies’ till the pandemic ground everything to a halt, into a set of frozen frames. Rashid, a fixture at a multitude of film festivals, passed away this year. This film, is a small tribute to his memory, taking us back to a time bygone, in a city we once knew… bringing people, nostalgia and moments of poignancy to life.


2    Sumitra Bhave – A Parallel Journey         

Santosh Gajanan Pathare        India    112    2021

This documentary unfolds life journey of legendary Indian film maker Sumitra Bhave through her perception about film medium, roots of values and principles on which her kingdom was built on. The impact she has portrayed on her disciples and colleagues who are profoundly upholding her marvelous teachings. This documentary will testify her efforts in parallel cinema movement she had carried on through her meticulous work in Marathi Film Industry which have acknowledged by Girish Kasarvalli (Indian film maker in Kannada films), N. Manu Chakravarthy (Professor and scholar of culture, literacy and film critic).