An Incoherent Inquiry
Bichchhinna Mimamsa

This film is centred on the concept of thinking and interpreting things that carve out the rationale behind our beingness. Instead of constructing a coherent and wonted construction, it wills, to inquire into the social conditions of the here and now, by developing processes and actions, based on the logic of a Dispositive, that are sometimes advisedly interrupted, and offer a critique of the secular affairs and exchanges engendered and encouraged by market society.

Director Abhishek Talukder
Abhishek Talukder is an IT professional, independent filmmaker, and litterateur from Kolkata, India. He also pens poetry and writes about cinema. His films include Ria, Antabiheen and Cancer 71.



Annual Day
Salana Jalsa

On the morning of Annual Day function in school, three teenagers are at loggerheads with the world. Rishi, an obese boy has lost interest in the role he is asked to play every year – of Lord Ganesha. Sneha is determined to be part of the contemporary dance she secretly loves, even if that means flouting rules and betraying friends. Amey wants to be on stage and recite his poem.

Director Pratik Thakare
Pratik Thakare is a graduate of Direction & Screenplay Writing from Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI). His diploma film Salana Jalsa had its world premiere at 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival and has screened at many prestigious festivals since.




Maya lives a fiercely independent, content life with her mother. No one including her mother understands her obsession with the cranky, noisy fan in her room. For her, the noise opens up a doorway of sleep, to her past. The noise of the fan stops one day and the film captures her myriad attempts to bring the strange noise and her past memories back into her life.

Director Anandakrishnan K S
Anandakrishnan K S is a director from Kerala, currently studying cinematography at KR Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts. He held the camera for the short film Pottu which was awarded the Best Campus Film at 2016 IDSFFK.



Bablu from Babylon
Bablu Babylon Se

‘Bablu’, a lonely old man working for ‘Babylon’, a company which owns all the trees & plants, goes on his last assignment. He accidentally encounters a rebel group who are planning a secret mission against ‘Babylon’.

Director Abhijeet Sarthi
Abhijeet Sarthi hails from the city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He has completed his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering. He has done his post-graduation in Direction and Screenplay Writing course from the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in Kolkata.





The story of the life of an innocent and carefree 10 year old girl from a rural area of Kerala. She seeks freedom from the invisible shackles created by traditions and customs of her village. Her story resonates with millions of women around the world who are suppressed by the many boundaries created by others.

Director Fazil Razak Kllekkattil
Fazil Razak Kllekkattil is a director, writer, editor, actor and a passionate film buff. He won numerous state, national and international awards for his short films. His Films includes Dwikam, Kuyil, The Night before her Marriage, Athiru and Pira.



By The Window
India/2020/14:24/English, Hindi

How much do we really know about the struggles of that person sitting right next to us? We go through almost similar experiences as women but never talk about it freely due to the abundance of judgement, and lack of empathy. And when we do open up, we realize that we’re not as alone as we think we are.

Director Madhura Dalimbkar
Madhura Dalimbkar is a freelance writer, assistant director, and director. Her dissertation film “Laal Vaali’ won first place in a short film contest conducted by Pocket Films. Madhura has worked as an assistant director for leading productions houses like Phantom Films, Applause entertainment, Times studio, etc.



When Ahmad’s grandmother goes missing, he is caught between the quest to trace her and his dream of a better home.

Director Shivajee Biswanath
Shivajee Biswanath is a filmmaker based out of Mumbai. He has been editing documentaries and short films for the past four years.




A pair of young siblings inhabit a fanciful world of their making, hidden from the eyes of their mother. When she finally catches a glimpse of their world, it faces the threat of crumbling. The two of them can either surrender or resist.

Direction Ashmita Guha
Ashmita Guha has directed, Blow Up Doll, music video for an Indie band, Perfect Strangers. The music video was selected to compete at the Berlin Short Film Festival in 2019. At present, she is working on the script for a short film with the working title, Off Season.



India/2021/19:46/Bengali, Hindi, Odia, Telugu

A wronged young tribal woman, in the absence of systemic justice, turns rebel, but struggles to be able to fulfil all the expectations that the path to retribution demands.

Director Devashish Makhija
Devashish Makhija is a director and scriptwriter. He has won numerous awards for his films like written and directed the multiple award winning films like ‘Taandav’, ‘El’ayichi’, ‘Agli Baar’ ‘Rahim Murge pe mat ro’, ‘Bhonsle’, etc.




Anti-open defecation laws yielded fines for people who did it in Maharashtra villages. Indirectly, this law kills an old man. The political turmoil forces the concerned minister to visit the village. Minister’s visit at the village holds high stakes for the village head of the village. The game of fake portrayal starts!

Director Shubham Ghatge
Shubham Ghatge is a director, composer and sound designer. His first short film Pipanya was selected at numerous film festivals including IDSFFK 2019.


Dreams of Illusion

Raja wants respect, recognition and romance, like any other man, in his life. But a long dry spell of no respect, no recognition and no romance creates a deep inner well in his life. He is forced to fulfil this vacuum and gets subsumed in responsibilities which require sacrifices and hard work. Although he achieves what he dreams to but is left with what he never dreamed of.

Director Gaurav Asri
Gaurav Asri is an independent filmmaker. He had conceptualized and directed a travel show for Anandam Tv named “Ram Teerth”. He was a recipient of Best Director Award at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, India (2019).



India/2020/23:43/Bengali, Hindi

A young Nepalese sex worker in the red light district of Kolkata heads out with her intimate client to watch the sun set over the river. This short trip offers a fleeting moment of tranquillity from the monotony of her life.

Direction Ujjal Paul
Ujjal Paul has worked as a researcher, associate director, and production controller in several documentary projects of NFDC INDIA. His films won several awards like ‘Best Indian Short Film’ award at 26th Kolkata International Film Festival, India.



Electric Towers That Swallow Stories
Kadhaigalai Vizhungum Minkambangal

The films depicts the portrait of a village and a community with their unique worldview encountering a modern man. A surveyor sent for a government project encounters the people, their stories and anxieties.

Director Navaneetha Krishnan R
Navaneetha Krishnan R is an independent art practitioner from Madurai and an alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He is currently working towards the possibility of an artistic practice that is a site for both art and research.



Frayed Lines
India/2019/19:56/Kodava Takk, Assamese

This film is a subtle conversation about the lives of the marginalised – the people who live on the peripherals, their everyday lives and boundaries. Amidst the burgeoning crisis of immigration and unemployment, two individuals who don’t speak a common language connect while working on the coffee plantations in a remote corner of India.

Director Priya Belliappa
Priya Belliappa is an Indian film director and screenwriter. Her debut feature film, Ring Road was recognised by UNESCO for having been made by an all-women crew.




Sudha and Azad are a middle-class couple, waiting to go on their first holiday in 9 years. Sudha is really looking forward to getting away from their isolated lives, though Azad is far from enthusiastic. Before they can leave, Sudha might have to make a choice she’s avoided for a long time.
Direction Rahul Nangia
Rahul Nangia is a writer and filmmaker based out of Mumbai, with experience in advertising and long-formats. He co-wrote the critically acclaimed feature length film, Airlift. His short film ‘Tu’, was showcased at MAMI, Dharamshala, IDFFSK and other international film festivals.


Hotel Raahgir
India/2020/40:27/English, Hindi, Malayalam

After a cultural event in town the participants are relaxing, catching up and hanging out at a canteen near the railway station. On different tables, we meet different people; some between arguments, others meeting and parting and a few introductions. As the natural rhythm of the day progresses, they discover it’s not such a normal day after all.

Director Ektara Collective
Ektara Collective is an independent, autonomous group of people who seek to combine creative efforts and imagination and collaborate with trained and untrained people to make films that are content-wise and aesthetically located in our realities and experiences.




A lonely laundry-man from the sub-urbs of Calcutta finds companionship in an unclaimed red dress which triggers esoteric memories of the past.

Director Abhiroop Basu
Abhiroop Basu is a director whose 11 min dialogue-less short film ‘Meal’ starring Adil Hussain went on to over 65 International film festivals worldwide and was the only Indian entry at the 44th Oscar Qualifying Odense International Film Festival.


United States, India/2020/21:56/English, Hindi, Marathi

Lata, a 23 year old domestic worker, navigates her way through an upper class home in Mumbai. Within her earshot exists drivers, delivery men, other maids and watchmen that support and maintain the apartment building and the people who call it home. Doors consistently open and close, giving Lata selective access to the various contending realities that occupies this space.

Director Alisha Tejpal
Alisha Tejpal is a Sundance Institute Fellow and a 2021 North Star Fellow at the Points North Institute. Her films include For the Eyes Are Blind to the Stairwells, Untitled Objects and Happy Valley.



Life in Stars

Many northeast Indian state people migrate to south India for their livelihood. Jerryna Chon is one among them. She is a fresher, lonely mother and new to the land. She is working in a Spa at home service. That day she must get four stars from the next customer otherwise her license will cancel. But the next service went even worse. She facing the situation that her job will remain or not?

Director Rafiq Ismail Mohamed Nainar
Rafiq Ismail Mohamed Nainar is a director, screenwriter and editor. In 2019, he collaborated with director Leena Manimekalai as a Screen Writer and Associate Editor for her art house fiction feature ‘Maadathy’.




The film talks about a day in the life of an immigrant labourer named Sumangal. He leaves his current residence, assuring his wife Roja that everything will be fine. Sumangal gets into trouble with a young man in the area. During interrogation at the police station, Sumangal is identified as a refugee. After returning home, Sumangal falls asleep hoping things will be better the next day.

Director Febin Martin
Febin Martin is an Indian filmmaker. He acted in many plays during his school days. He has done scripting and direction for three short films so far.



Like a Midnight Dream
Oru Paathira Swapnam Pole

Sudha, an entrepreneur and a mother of a college girl, finds her world upside down when a doctor suspects that she has cancer. Her worries deepens even further when one day she goes through her daughter’s laptop and chances upon a video that can change their dynamic forever.

Director Sharan Venugopal
Sharan Venugopal is a national award winning filmmaker from Kerala, India. He is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata.



My Mother’s Girlfriend
Mazhya Aaichi Girlfriend
United Kingdom, Germany, India /2021/14:59/Hindi, Marathi

Renuka and Sadiya, two working-class women in love with each other, enjoy their day out celebrating Renuka’s birthday. After a fun-filled day, they head home to spend the night together. But unknown to them, Renuka’s son, Mangesh, is around.

Director Arun Fulara
Arun Fulara is a recipient of Riyad Wadia Award for Best Emerging Filmmaker at Kashish MIQFF in 2020. His directorial works includes Portraits, Our Mountain Valley Home & Dhulo.



Portraits: 2020
India/2020/10:00/Bengali, English, Hindi

An intimate observation on how the pandemic has affected us as human beings both on a social as well as a psychological level. It observes 6 scenes occurring around a death: from hungry mad men in search of food, single mothers losing jobs, young couples forced to move house to PPE clad body removal workers trying to deal with the effect of their jobs.

Director Amartya Ray
Amartya Ray is a 25 year old film direction alumnus from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). His directorial works include Our Mountain Valley Home and Dhulo.



Since Forever

Unavailability of pregnancy care during the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown in India forces a young woman to seek dangerous illegal methods to terminate her unwanted pregnancy.

Director Nisam Asaf K J
Nisam Asaf was born in Palakkad, Kerala and currently living in New Delhi. He is currently a PhD scholar in Cinema Studies at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He completed his MPhil in Cinema Studies and Masters in Arts and Aesthetics from the same.



Spring Of Mashrooms
Kumilakalude Pookkalam
India/2020/23:00/Malayalam, Tamil

A tale of two women in love coming from different religious, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. The dynamics of this relationship are further made intriguing with the involvement of a child in their lives.

Director Rahul M M
Rahul M M recently graduated from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. His films include Identities Hidden in Shadows and Mad about You.



The Decision

When an unexpected incident traumatises the life of a small-town girl, Shivani, she must decide if she wants to seek redemption and go back to her conformist family, or to ignore it and live the life she has built arduously for herself.

Director Dheeraj Jindal
Dheeraj Jindal is a director and Producer based out of Mumbai, India. Some of his films include The School Bag, Vikalp and Paash. Presently he is directing a Non-fiction crime show called Indian Predator for Netflix Originals.



The Salon
India/2021/12:52/English, Kannada, Punjabi

Women get haircuts for various reasons – maybe for a change of style; or for a noble cause; or sometimes it could simply be because of boredom. Nimmi, a middle-aged woman, strikes up a conversation with her hairstylist, and works through a loss while getting her hair cut. Through the course of a haircut, this short film explores both the conversations we have with others and with ourselves.

Director Nitya Misra
Nitya Misra is a young independent filmmaker who has worked as assistant director to acclaimed ad film director Prakash Varma on several projects. She entered feature film production as an Assistant Director to Susant Misra on “Josef – Born in Grace”.




Arundhati and Ranjit, a couple navigating the aftermath of the brutal rape and murder of 14-year-old Prajakta Salunke, in a village not far from the cosmopolitan city of Pune. While they are both committed to lending their voices in protest, Arundhati begins to question if an individual protected by their caste and gender derived privilege can truly be an ally.

Direction Arvind Joshi
Arvind Gajanan Joshi is an Indian filmmaker who has won accolades for his feature-length documentary, ‘Ajaat- Casteless’. He has recently led the Indian unit for the direction of an international documentary produced by the Canada Broadcasting Corporation.