21 Hours

India/2020/ 28:3/English, Malayalam

This documentary follows Rajamma, a lady fish vendor from Trivandrum, Kerala, who travels 200 kilometers every day to Thoothukudi harbour to buy fish and sell it back in her hometown. It depicts the struggle and strength of unorganised working women who, against enormous difficulties, endure through sheer tenacity.


Director Sunitha C V

Sunitha C.V has worked as a Television Journalist and Programme Producer in many prominent Malayalam TV Channels. An alumnus of Trivandrum Press Club Institute of Journalism and Prague Film School, she is also an actor and casting director for Malayalam films.


A Share Kept Aside

Mattivacha Pangu

India/2020/ 22:27/ Malayalam

The documentary portrays the ritual called Vachu Kodukkal (feeding ancestors). The ritual happens every year on the day of the new moon when the entire family comes together to honour the departed members.  Vachu Kodukkal takes place in rural Palakkad, Kerala, among specific communities that are in similar social structures. A while before the day of the ritual, a winter melon set aside for the ancestors by a 75-year-old grandmother, grew on the roof of the house.


Director Manoj Murali

Manoj Murali, is a filmmaker from Palakkad, Kerala. He studied Film & Video communication at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. His previous work is a short fiction – One from my worries.



India/2020/ 25:00/Hindi,Marathi

A builder and an owner always have a name. Even the building itself has a name. But it is ironical that the labourer who builds it is anonymous.


Director Mithunchandra Chaudhari

Mithunchandra Chaudhari’s short fiction and documentary films were selected at many prestigious national and international film festivals. His short fiction ‘Paywat’ won him the Best Educational Film Award at 63rd National Film Awards 2015. He was an IFFI 2017 jury member for non-feature films in the Indian Panorama section.


Blue Within

India/2021/ 12:57/English

A filmmaker is obliged to reflect on the subject and craft of his work while confined to his flat during the Covid lockdown. In this strained time, the camera lens becomes a metaphor. When looking at drifting patterns, the lines of within and without blur, making way for an abstract — an interior dialogue about creation and stillness.


Director Makarand Dambhare

Makarand Dambhare is a Visual artist and Filmmaker who lives and works in Pune. Having specialization in Film Editing from FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), he is a trained animator, illustrator, Graphic Designer, and film educator. His notable work includes the award-winning short documentary ‘Maneesha 1941’.


City Girls

India/2021/ 28:15/Hindi

The documentary is an intimate portrait of two young Indian girls who have moved to Delhi from remote areas. The film tries to dissect the concept of ‘the city’, and what it means to a young woman who grew up in an ‘elsewhere’ who is longed to escape from all her life.


Director Priya Thuvassery

Priya Thuvassery has been directing, producing and editing documentary films & television programmes for New Delhi Television, Fox Traveller, CNA, National Human Rights Commission of India, Films Division of India, Public Service Broadcasting Trust & Khabar Lahariya for over a decade now. She is currently an Executive Producer at Chambal Media.


Crime and Expiation by JJ Grandville or How to shoot an Open Secret?

India/2021/ 12:00/English

The film revolves around a visual shot by the protagonist. He was filming an activity that was meant to be unlawful but was ‘invisible’ to the law, and it was a strange, political act. When everyone could see it, how did it become invisible to the ‘big eye’? And what part did he play in capturing this image? The film is set in the setting of illegal fishing operations in western Maharashtra and documents the unwitting involvement of migrant workers.


Director Renu Savant

Renu Savant is a filmmaker and a writer currently based in Ratnagiri and Mumbai, India. At FTII she won the Special Mention in the 59th National Film Awards and Golden Lotus for Best Direction in the 62nd National Film Awards. She also won the Special Jury Mention at the 4th IDSFFK.


Eyes on Their Fingertips

India/2021/ 25:59/Malayalam

The relationship between the sea and the human constitutes the crux of this documentary, which evolves from an autobiographical memory of a fisherman. This film is a monologue of the fisherman reminiscing about their childhood deep-ocean experiences, indigenous knowledge and abilities, and the significance of the sea and beach in a fisherman’s existence. It also looks at how pollution, displacement, and unsustainable development are wreaking havoc on indigenous coastal communities.


Director Muhammad Thalhath M

Muhammad Thalhath M is a director, writer, photographer and Research Scholar on Global Visual politics.


It was in Spring

India, Slovenia/2021/ 28:58/Hindi

Seasons change in the film from spring to summer to rains to winter and back to spring. We watch the house in the film experience its last smell, last roses, last festivities, last thunder, and last drops of fragrant rain via the eyes of a tree, which is the last living being of its species in the house that previously stood.


Director Kanika Gupta

Kanika Gupta is an art historian, a trained dancer and a film maker. She has authored a book titled “Lupadakhe – Unknown Master Sculptors of Ancient India” in 2019 and has authored several research papers on Ancient Indian sculpture, aesthetics, painting and mythology.



India/2020/ 20:00/Marathi

It’s an anthropological portrait about the tale of a Mahadeo Koli Goddess named Kalsu, whose tale and identity are still imprinted in the minds of the tribe’s women. The Goddess’s narrative is told through visual contrasts between primordial and current scenes in this film.

Director Yudhajit Basu

Yudhajit Basu joined Film & Television Institute of India, Pune in the Direction Department in 2017 after graduating in Mass Communication and Videography from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, India. He is also the editor of a little magazine on poetry in Bengali called “Shabdo”.



Manipur Mindscapes

India/2021/ 24:12/Manipuri

An attempt to encompass the resilience of Manipuri people with an apparent atmospheric shyness concealing a killer instinct within to fight the very atmospheric adversities. Images are distilled over a two-decade-long engagement with Manipur.


Director Joshy Joseph

Joshy Joseph was born in Kochi, Kerala. He has assisted famed film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan in the making of Kathapurushan. He has won five National Awards from the President of India for his films.



Name of This Earth
Ee Bhoomeente Peru

India/2020/ 30:47/Hindi, Malayalam

A railway compartment becomes home to 30 people for almost a fortnight. This is the story of a journey, the journey of a lifetime. Traversing the diagonal length of the nation, a theatre group travels together. The aim is to perform a play at a far-off town, the name of which is obscure to many of the travellers. The stage is prestigious, the opportunity unparalleled. But slowly, the journey itself becomes the drama, the destination a fitting climax!


Director Vinesh Viswanath

Vinesh Viswanath is an independent filmmaker based in Trivandrum. He had done around 10 short films and advertisement films.



Our Mountain Valley Home
Apla Dongardaryathil Ghar

India/2020/ 20:00/Marathi

A cave hidden in Phopsandi’s foggy mountains has been home to a family of cow herders for 5 generations. This observational documentary follows their daily lives as they care for their animals, work, and live in their mountain cave house, which is lit by the flickering flames of paraffin oil lamps. When government officials interrogate them about a house assigned to them in the village below, their seemingly simple lives become more complicated.


Director Amartya Ray

Amartya Ray is a director, singer, songwriter and actor. He is an film direction alumni from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).




Someone to Talk To

India/2020/ 24:04/Malayalam

The film depicts the Director’s quest to discover the significance behind his mother’s seemingly random acts of generosity. He delves deeper into her life as a result of this procedure, and via her oral history, he realizes the ambiguity of current questions and the emergence of new ones.


Director Rohan Muraleedharan

Rohan Muraleedharan is an Indian Filmmaker. He has shot one documentary and 3 short films, one of which he directed. Currently actively involved in advertisements and independent film projects and is part of the emerging indie movement from India.


Stories from the Second Floor

India/2021/ 33:27/English, Malayalam

The filmmaker surveys his surroundings from the second storey of his coincidental new home: a wide green marshland with birds, animals, a pond, and people. He asks if there is a space without stories, or if the camera pushes spaces to generate stories to survive.


Director J J Abraham

J J Abraham is a documentary filmmaker and editor. ‘Chachan, A Day’ is his first independent documentary after film studies, which was premiered at the ‘shorts competition’ section of DMZ International Documentary Film Festival 2020.


Testimony of Ana

India, United States/2019/24:00/Gujarati

In rural India, an Adivasi elder survives multiple terrible attacks after being accused of witchcraft by her villagers. Her reluctance to be forced off the land, which she lives in an area plagued by rampant logging, sets in motion a battle rooted in patriarchy and capitalism conducted on women’s bodies the witch-hunt.


Director Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda

Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda is currently studying and practicing film at The University of Texas at Austin as part of their MFA program in Film & Media Production. His short documentary “The Bubbleman” premiered at SXSW Denius Longhorn Showcase 2019.




The Day I Became a Woman


This film represents the director’s personal struggle to find a solution to the trauma that struck her one fine morning when her menstrual cycle began when she was 12 years old. She was afraid of death on that particular day because she was separated from her mother. She was completely oblivious to what was going on inside her body. Through her relationships with her daughter and others, her journey in the film expands to the universal experience of women.


Director Moupia Mukherjee

Dr. Moupia Mukherjee is an independent documentary filmmaker, writer and gender consultant. She is a PhD and MPhil in Women’s Studies and has done Post Graduation and Graduation in Comparative Literature with film studies as the subsidiary subject from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.


The Flowers and the Gemstones

India /2019/25:00/Tamil

A family in a village near Kanyakumari weaves Manikkamalai, a unique form of a floral garland. This garland crosses the state boundary every morning on its way to Thiruvananthapuram’s great old temple. The family narrates the story of the garland, which spans mythology, Maharajas, and modern times. The artisans painstakingly weave in the myth, history, and family tradition as invisible threads alongside the red and white oleander blossoms in the garland.


Director Sriram Raja

Sriram Raja is an independent filmmaker based in Mumbai. His feature film ‘Half Songs’ was premiered at the Kolkata International Film Festival and the UK Asian Film Festival. He co-founded SRDM Productions, a production house in Mumbai that has produced two independent feature films.



The Last Journey
Aakhri Safar

India /2021/22:00/Gujarati, Hindi

Praful Mehta has a very pragmatic approach toward his unusual vocation as a coffin manufacturer. He spends a typical day swinging between mortuaries, households, and cemeteries, transporting coffins, crosses, and dead bodies. His family is perplexed as to why he chooses to spend his life with individuals who are about to embark on their final trips into the afterlife.


Director Suraj Gunjal

Suraj Gunjal is a filmmaker and editor. His debut film as an Editor was an Urdu language Pakistani feature film titled “Pinky Memsaab”. He is also a volunteer with an NGO called Touching Lives, teaching young students the art of film editing.



To Euge
Nirmala Aka Mother

India /2019/23:06/English,Hindi

When death precludes the possibility of communication, how does one interact with the memory of a person? And in the absence of actual memory, how does one make sense of the loss? The filmmaker writes a letter in this film to figure out how to talk to a “mother” who remains a constant presence in her life but is also always a stranger.


Director Grace Mary Sukanya

Grace M Sukanya is a filmmaker based in Delhi, India. She studied Documentary Filmmaking at the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication in 2018-19.




Usambara Violet

India, Hungary /2020/9:00/ Hindi

The film showcases the visual of some potted plants, odd hours of wakefulness, and the view from the protagonist’s window. It is a heliotropic film from the lockdown in Budapest.


Director Aman Wadhan

Aman Wadhan is an Indian filmmaker and wanderer. He is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India, and an Erasmus scholar at docnomads. He has a fondness for portraiture and epistolary forms, and is known for his poetic short films ‘Letter from Korlai’ and ‘Usambara Violet’.




Where Shall I Find Home
Griha Aar Paibo Kotha

India /2019/23:14/ Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Hindi, Odia

The video depicts a mental institution with no walls and no iron chains, with the goal of rehabilitating and empowering mentally ill women. Priyanka and Trupti Di, two convicts in different phases of recovery, are trying to figure out what home means to them. However, what is typical for them is not normal for us! Will the seeker in them submit to the rules, or will they defy them and create their own tranquil sky to call home?


Director Vrushab Maitri

Vrushab Maitri is a student of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute. He is pursuing Producing and Direction under the Electronic and Digital Media (EDM) wing of SRFTI.




India /2020/32:26/ Hindi

Ruksana Begum, her late father Mehboob Khan, and her son, who comes from a Muslim minority household in India 2021, star in this unique documentary. The film follows Mehboob Khan’s anecdote of remaining in India during partition while his entire extended family relocated to Pakistan. It discusses the country’s growing intolerance and its skewed relationship with its separated neighbour, even after years of independence.


Director Ameen Barif, Mohd Fehmeed, Zeeshan Khan, Aqdas Sami, Mohd Althaf, Faraz Fakhri

Ameen Barif is a young filmmaker and writer. Mohd Fehmeed is a theatre worker and new media enthusiast. Zeeshan Amir Khan is a theatre practitioner and currently working as a freelance filmmaker and multimedia producer for some of the leading digital media companies. Aqdas Sami is a documentary filmmaker. Mohd Althaf is a young writer and filmmaker. Faraaz Fakhri is an artist from Allahabad. The directors are all alumni of the AJK MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia.





India /2019/22:06/ Assamese

While the impoverished have the burden of showing themselves as citizens, the cost of that burden is often death. When hatred labels the poor as “foreigners” until they can be confirmed to be Indians, the cost of continuing to live as human beings becomes too high. Dulal Pal is a perfect example of this.


Director Monjul Baruah

Monjul Baruah is trained in National Institute of Photography, Mumbai. ‘Antareen’, the first feature film directed by him bagged the three best feature film award at the Indian Cine Film Festival held in Mumbai and Prag Cine Awards, Tezpur 2015, and 1st Sailadhar Baruah Film Award 2016.