A Bid for Bengal
India/2021/70:13/Bengali, English, Hindi

When do we look back at the past to understand the present moment? When does politics become a personal terrain? When do familial places become a place for conflicts and contradictions? Is there any pristine place to call home? The film tries to search for answers to all these questions.

Director Dwaipayan Banerjee, Kasturi Basu
Kasturi Basu and Dwaipayan Banerjee are documentary filmmakers based in Kolkata. They are founder members of the People’s Film Collective, and editors of “Pratirodher Cinema”, a magazine on cinema and counterculture.



At Home Walking
Chalo Sakha Us Des Mein
India/2019/114:00/Hindi, Marathi

In a world moving to a total mechanization of human life, the film inquires deeply into the notion of speed & progress. In proposing a way of slowing down to the present moment, it becomes a meditation on the primal act of walking. The way winds through Poetry, Rebellion, Philosophy, People… as the ‘traveling margins’.

Director Rajula Shah
Rajula Shah locates her work in the interstice of Poetry, Cinema, Philosophy and Art. Her films have screened widely at Home & beyond earning critical acclaim. Significant awards she received include Signs Special Jury Award, John Abraham National Award for the Best Experimental, etc.



Holy Rights

The film is about Safia, a devout Muslim woman from Bhopal who joins a program for training women as Qazis. It is through the lived experience of Safia Apa and several other women who joined the program that the film comments on the arbitrariness of the instant triple talaq practice.

Director Farha Khatun
Farha has edited several documentary films, short fiction and also worked on feature films. Her directorial debut film ‘I am Bonnie’ had the world premiere at BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, got the National Award for Best Film on social issues.


Home Address
Ghar ka Pata
India/2021/67:10/English, Hindi, Kashmiri

This film is an autobiographical account of the enquiry into identity of a Kashmiri Pandit (Hindu minority) Woman.  She was 6, when her family fled Kashmir due to the armed insurgency in 1990. Therefore she grew up remembering nothing of home. 24 years later, she went to Kashmir for the first time with family. That event acts as a catalyst to rediscover and retrace her roots.

Director Madhulika Jalali
Madhulika Jalali is a director and has been a Line Producer for Bollywood feature films like Sherni and A Death in the Gunj. She has also worked on films such as Bombay Velvet and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.
Moon on the Man
India/2021/75:00/English, Hindi

Praklawn, a free-spirited 80 year old freedom fighter, leads a tough life in Mumbai as he spends his days giving legal advice, spreading laughter and reminiscing his epic past. Sailesh, one of the most expensive child actors of his generation now lives on the streets of Mumbai for the last 32 years, yet dreams of making it big again. Exploring the two intriguing personalities, Moon on the Man questions the nature of human reality, perception and ambitions against the backdrop of the maximum city

Director Prince Shah
Prince Shah was one of the six filmmakers selected by the USA Government to visit 5 cities in the USA for a film program called ‘Films as a medium for social change’. He assisted directors like Christopher Nolan, The Wachowskis, Zoya Akhtar, Ashutosh Gowariker, Reema Kagti, Nitesh Tiwari, Prakash Verma and Nikhil Rao.



Moving Upstream: Ganga
India/2021/105:00/Bengali, English, Hindi

The documentary was filmed over 6 months on a 3000km walk along River Ganga in India. Following the river from the ocean to its source in the high mountains, the documentary explores ideas of walking, people’s responses to a walking traveller in this fast-paced era and an evolving relationship with the natural world. It does this while amplifying the voices and concerns of the riparian community, voices which are otherwise suppressed thanks to high decibel politics.

Director Shridhar Sudhir
Shridhar Sudhir has been making independent films and freelancing works throughout the country. He founded his studio by the name of Studio Buddhijeev. His films include Kaithi Ek Itihaas, Mahaantam and Vande Mataram.
Once Upon a Village
Ek Tha Gaon
India/2021/60:14/Garhwali, Hindi

In the Himalayan foothills, an 80- year- old woman and a 19-year-old girl are two of the seven remaining inhabitants of an abandoned village. The two women struggle with the choice to leave for an alienating city life or continue living in a lonely village.

Director Srishti Lakhera
Sristhi Lakhera has produced films for international organizations like UNISDR, Government bodies- Forest Department of Uttarakhand, national television- DD and international television- Channel News Asia. Her Films includes Chhiraaa Chhiraaa, Ishq Dosti, All That & Baharupiya.
R for Roshan’s Childhood

The movie maker and his spouse undertake a road trip to their native place to introduce their child to their extended families as well as to rekindle their child’s association with the care center from where he has been adopted.

Director Ramachandra P N
Ramchandra PN is an Indian filmmaker based in Mumbai. His short fiction film “Heart Troubles of Ramchand Yavathmal Tirchuinapalli Azamghar’ won the best short film at the Abuja International Film Festival, Nigeria in 2004. His first feature ‘Suddha’ won him the Best Indian Film at the Osian Cinefan Festival of Asian Films, New Delhi Indian 2006.
India/2020/86:00/English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi

The documentary is shot around the 2019 elections focusing on the day-to-day lives of people living in and around Thane station. The film focuses on various aspects of lives and the varying degrees of attitudes to the street life. There is no fiction here but a bare capturing of reality as it happens, and the reality by itself mirrors the larger concern as its happening in the backdrop of the elections as it raises pivotal questions.

Director Niraj Menon
Niranj Menon has directed various theater plays like ‘Master’s Chest’,’The Wall’, ‘Yatr’ and ‘Dear Cow”. He has worked in the world of Television as Task producer and co-writer. He assisted Roshan Andrews films like Kayamkulam Kochunni’ & ‘Prathipoovankozhi’.


The Fragments of Illusion

Charlemagne, father of imperial Europe, has a disparate identity in a small coastal village, located in south Indian state of Kerala. Charlemagne and his tales are part of the culture of the common people of this village. Charlemagne is locally known as ‘Karalmaan’ revered and cherished by those people. They perform a musical drama ‘Chavittunadakam’ where Charlemagne appears as the main character. There are several tales about Charlemagne spread as folk tales throughout the village.

Director J Bibin Joseph
J Bibin Joseph is an independent filmmaker from Kerala. He is an engineering graduate. He is the co-founder of the production house, Unofficial Film School. His films includes Pu and The Door to Doom.
The Last Man
United Kingdom, India/2020/60:17/Gujarati, Hindi

The last man is a documentary filmed on human condition of manual scavengers and the role of caste system in Indian societies defining the destiny of many poor and low class communities within the sub-continent.

Director Dakxinkumar Bajrange
Dakxinkumar Bajrange is an award winning filmmaker, playwright and an activist from the Chhara De-notified Tribes of Ahmedabad in the western part of India. As a Filmmaker, he directed 120 fiction and non-fiction films / TV series on various developmental, social, cultural and political issues of India.