Jasmine Kaur Roy, Avinash Roy / Hindi / 29 mins / 2018

15-year-old Amoli suddenly goes missing one day from her home in the remote tea gardens of West Bengal, India. Like Amoli, a child goes missing every 8 minutes in India. Where do these children go? What happens to them? Amoliis the story of children who are trafficked and forced into commercial sex work. The film takes a look into a grim reality and narrates the stories of some brave survivors who have been through hell and lived to share their harrowing tales.

And What is the Summer Saying

Payal Kapadia / Marathi / 20 mins / 2018

The film explores the inherently interwoven nature of life in a rural setting where the landscape and person becomeone and so does tradition and folklore. To do so the narrative relies on visual poetry, filed recordings and anthropological elements.

Chasing Dreams

Vaishali Kendale / Marathi / 23 mins / 2018

The film tells the extra-ordinary tales of three Indian girls from different regions of Maharashtra who are international athletes. It focuses on their success stories in different fields of sports and how they become the real ambassadors of women empowerment in the mainstream Indian society. The stories reveal their extreme struggle for survival in the face of adversity and the crucial role of BARTI in their journey.

Daughters of Paradise

Bilal A Jan / Kashmiri / 38 mins / 2018

The film is a diagnostic study about the domestic violence against women in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, whose freedom is very much more conditioned and curbed by psychosocial and political pressures of the space as compared to the male identity.


Harshit Pachauri / Hindi, English / 20 mins / 2018

Death-dreams-suicideis a poetic and experimental enquiry into the worldly and metaphysical questions around the experiences and curiosities around death, suicide, dreams and the aftermath of death

Elephant Pathways/ Anathara

Shaji Mathilakam/Malayalam/15’/2017

The documentary depicts real-time heart rending moments of a new-born elephant calf in the wild, from the time of its birth up to its demise and the depth of intimacy amongst the elephants. It is a visual passage on the throbbing beauty of lives in the wilderness.

In Thunder Lightning and Rain

Rajesh James/Malayalam/39’/2018

In Thunder Lightning and Rain depicts the endurance of three women; a footballer, a fisherwoman and a cremator, against their ostracisation in the society. The film looks into their sagas of woes, weal, resistance and endurance in the film. These three contemporary Shakespearian witches are etched against the carnivalesque urban space of Fort Kochi. They visit the masculine space of the carnival. The camera intently listens to them with an intense zeal to film their identity.


Abhinava Bhattacharyya/Hindi/24’/2017

Jamnapaar lurks on the river’s edge seeking to explore how the inhabitants of the Jamuna banks relates to the river’s degraded presence, the fragile nostalgia of an unknowable past and the horror of its own unthinkable future.


Vikram Saxena/Hindi/33’/2018

The film shot on the occasion of Holi (festival of colours) in the sleepy town of Shahjahanpur in India, revolves around a ritual followed nowhere else in the country. On the day of Holi not only does this sleepy town wake up but it goes berserk. A procession of almost 10,000 people follows a man on a bullock cart wearing a garland of shoes in a drunken state. The film follows the aforementioned spectacle; that has been happening for around the last 100 years, and the fanfare it garners.

Mangroves: Nature’s Hardy Foot Soldiers

Sajeed Naduthody/English/25’/2017

The documentary Mangroves: Nature’s Hardy Foot Soldiers tells the story of Mangroves, a cornucopia of life and three dedicated individuals from different generations who fight for the conservation of mangroves in their own ways. Mangroves are one of the most productive, highly beneficial and biologically complex ecosystems on Earth. This film brings out the stories and activities of a few people in the direction of mangrove conservation, reforestation and academic research.

Mind Matter of a Tea Vendor/ Oru Chaykkadakkarante Man Ki Bath

Sanu Kummil/Malayalam/27’/2018

The film looks at a layman citizen who has to face the grim realities of his own life, while trying to make the two ends of his life meet with his small teashop. But all of a sudden, his dream is turned upside down overnight as the demonetisation drive of the Government of India hits. The narrative sees him protesting in his own way.

Mumbai Hustle

Udayan Biswas/English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam/21’/2018

In the backyards of India’s economic metropolis, the subculture of hip-hop is reincarnated as a new working-class voice. Mumbai Hustle traces the evolution and spread of this form of music in the by-lanes and streets of Mumbai where hip-hop finds itself as a socio-political tool of activism born out of local language, rhythm and sounds.

Poets of the past

Fazil N C/English, Urdu, Kasmiri/18’/2018

The film tells us about the everyday lives of people in Jammu and Kashmir through narratives of a group of young artists. The film sheds light on how the youngsters connect with their past to find answers to the issues surrounding their lives. Through tracing the rich wisdom and Sufi poetry passed down from the era’s bygone, the young artists seek a way out of their present.

Rivers Without Borders

Krishnendu Bose/English/18’/2018

The Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent has ten major rivers flowing through it, which has supported ancient civilisations and over two billion people. Many of these are transboundary in nature, sometimes giving rise to conflicts and logjams as they flow through South Asia. Produced as a part of the River Governance Project of the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Rivers Without Borders documents the discourse and the debate around transboundary water diplomacy in three countries.

The Jowar Ballad/ Jowar Gatha

Laxminarayan Devda/Hindi/30’/2017

The Jowar ballad is an enquiry and exploration into the agro-culture and folklore around the millet growing farmers and their rich traditions. It also looks into the realities of famines, dry spells and issues which were ushered in by the new cropping culture.

The Loss of Western Ghats/ Sahyante Nashtam

Biju Pankaj/Malayalam/24’/2017

The Lion Tail Macaque (LTM) is a beautiful and rare species of monkeys found exclusively in the Southern part of the Western Ghats, especially in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. According to the latest census on LTMs this unique species only has a population of around 3000. This documentary points out that the destruction of even a single tree in the name of science and development can cause a huge catastrophe in the nature.

The Naga Pride

Sumanth Kuduvalli/English/28’/2018

The Naga Pride is a community conservation documentary revolving around the annual migratory birds Amur Falcon and the hunting tribes of Nagaland. It showcases the transformation of these hunters into protectors with support and participation from the government, NGOs and wildlife conservationists and enthusiasts. It also looks at the effect of climate change on wildlife in general, Amur falcons in particular and how they cope with the changing environmental conditions.

The Raft/ Tarapo

Pavan Konala/Hindi/23’/2017

The film talks about the personal life and struggles of Prahlad Bhai, a fisherman in Ahmedabad who is known to have saved a lot of people from committing suicide by drowning.

We, The People

Samarth Mahajan/Hindi, English/28’/2017

We, The People explores dissent in India through the protests that have taken place on Jantar Mantar Road, a mile-long protest street in India’s national capital Delhi. Through three indefinite protests at Jantar Mantar Road, the film questions the socio-political reality of India vis-à-vis the ideals the nation set out with

What Man, Joe

Rafeeq Ellias/English/37’/2018

The film explores Joe Vessoaker’s passion for the deteriorating and dying legacy of music his community is traditionally known for. It explores how he tries to keep his socio-cultural inheritance alive by playing music in every available space an opportunity.

Withering House/ Bismaar Ghar

Shreyas Dasharathe/Gujarathi/26/2017

This film is an observational piece about an old couple and their 100-year-old house. After living there for 20 years, they have decided to move on to a new apartment they got under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme. With changing times, are we moving towards a strange kind of uniformity under the shadow of ‘urbanization’ and ‘development’? Or are our traditional structures failing to cater to our needs anymore? The film explores how these questions are strongly visible in our most personal embodiment – our house.


A Light that refuses to fade out …

Bobbeeta Sharma / Assamese / 16 mins / 2017

It is a fascinating story of courage, grit, determination and how these qualities can push human qualities to no end. It is the story of a 101-year-old lady Aruna Mukherjee who has been surviving on black tea and biscuits since 1947, fulfilling the worldly duties expected of her by a traditional Indian society as a daughter, wife and mother while showing exemplary determination in following her instincts in living life on her own terms and becoming an inspiration for numerous women her resilient spirit.

Akashvani (Voice From The Sky)

Pramati Anand / Hindi, Gujarathi / 23 mins / 2018

Mithulala Mir belongs to a nomadic and de-notified tribe known as ‘Mirs’, who follow a liminal religion of being both Hindu and Muslim. The film explores the question of what it means to be a nomad in the 21st century and the very concept of civilisation and establishment. The film is about his life and livelihood as a homeless person and his thoughts, beliefs, and wisdom as a human being.

GEORGE JOHN – Spirit of 80’s

Manilal Padavoor / Malayalam / 27 mins /2017

The film tells the story of the not so usual life and works of clay artist George John who was not so popular outside his friends’ circle.

MC Kash

Sajeed A / Hindi, Kashmiri, Urdu / 15 mins /2017

The film tells the story of rapper MC Kash from Kashmir who is stuck in the eternal geopolitical conflict of the space. It explores how the artist finds a voice of expression in music.

Memories of Trans

Dr Selvamony K B / Malayalam, English / 30 mins / 2017

Memories of Trans focuses on the trials and tribulations that the transgender community undergoes in our society. It aims at foregrounding the raw deal meted out to them by our society including the violations of their basic human rights. It also attempts to highlight the need to safeguard their legal rights. The film explores how our society always tries to exclude them, be it in a hospital or public space.

Mind Mightier Than Might

Jalal Ud Din Baba / Urdu / 25 mins / 2018

The film tells the inspirational tale of Aamir, an inspiring and instinctive cricketer without two arms. His brain propels the body to overcome physical constraints. He even fares better than many of his abled peers at times. The film is about how Aamir gets past the experience of a mishap and goes on to make his family proud.

More Than Silence

Ananth P Mohan / Hindi, English / 23 mins / 2017

More Than Silence is a documentary film which narrates some interesting stories about individuals who deals with speech impairments in their day to day life.

Nakusa: Unwanted is My Name

Shijith V.P. Vathukkal Parambath / Marathi / 22 mins / 2017

The documentary Nakusa unwanted is my name is based on the director’s MPhil thesis. Several parents name their girl child Nakusa/Nakoshi, which means ‘unwanted’ in local Marathi language. As they believe that this practice will ensure them a male child. The documentary focuses on this peculiar naming practice prevailing in rural Maharashtra and its disastrous consequences for girls and women

Rampatar – Dividing by a Platter

Vivek Gopinath / English, Gujarati, Hindi / 16 mins / 2018

The film looks at the practice of keeping separate utensils for the Dalits in Gujarat. It explores how the custom of Rampatar came into being and also looks how this system exists through its wedlock to the social fabric. The film posits how Rampatar utensil lives on as tangible proof of discrimination that exists in various forms even after so many years of independence.


Muktha Deedi Chand / Malayalam / 25 mins / 2018

Sunanda is an attempt to document the unacknowledged contribution to cinema. Illustratively the contributions of Smt. Sunanda Adoor Gopalakrishnan serve as the subject matter of this documentary.

The Exile

Harsh Virag / Hindi / 19 mins / 2017

The film is about an Afghani Refugee family surviving in India for 32 Years. UNCHR (UNO) is not giving them proper aide in resettlement as proper citizens of any country. The film is about how the family is tackling the issues in their life.

The Garden of Forgotten Snow

Avijit Mukul Kishore / English / 30 mins / 2017

The Garden of Forgotten Snow is a film about renowned visual artist Nilima Sheikh and her engagement with Kashmir. It traverses multiple layers of memory, history, art-history and literature while looking at Kashmir through the artist’s practice. Centred on her body of work made in the last two decades, the film looks at the difficulty of representing ideas of complexity in a troubled land, where the discourse gets caught up in the binary of beauty and conflict.

The Wound/Khawto

Bijoy Chowdhury / Bengali / 20 mins / 2018

The film is about memories – a record of places, people and professions that once gone will never return, and of the mysterious beauty of the man-made ruins that mark the transition from the Calcutta of authentic traditions to the newness of “modernity”. The film is a very personal story narrated through the eyes of a photographer.

Those Who Sing and Praise Stories/ Sthuthiyogar

Jeffin Thomas / Malayalam / 19 mins / 2017

Chavittunaadakam is an art form that originated in Kerala around the 16th century AD. It is known to have been brought by Portuguese missionaries to spread Christianity around coastal areas of Kerala. The film explores how the legacy of this art form still continues in the island village of Gothuruth

Veil Done

JUHI BHATT / Hindi / 31 mins / 2017

Shah Jahan is fed up of people calling her fat. Mehru Nisha longs to step out of the house. Afroz Jamala is terrified of the growing numbness in her hands. Three women from Nizamuddin basti, Delhi take a decision that sets them on a journey to find themselves; by joining a gym.

Welcome Valentine 2017

Dhruv Satija / Hindi, Gujarathi / 17 mins / 2017

The film explores ideas of love, politics and Hindu religion in contemporary Ahmedabad, Gujarat through the eyes of a priest who has been marrying off eloping couples in a Hanuman Temple. Not just eloping couples but also people from the LGBT community. Hirabhai Juguji (priest) approaches love, marriage, politics and religion with not just extreme simplicity but extreme depth as well. The complex ideas of love, religion and politics the film engages with spews out an exciting visual narrative.