Belle – An Anthem for Womanhood / Baale

Shruthi Namboodiri / Malayalam / 7 mins / 2017

Belle-An Anthem of Womanhood features 6 profound dancers representing 6 dance forms; Meenakshi Srinivasan (Bharatanatyam), Nanditha Prabhu (Mohiniyattam), Kapila Venu (Koodiyattam), Arushi Mudgal (Odissi), Haripriya Nambudiri (Kadhakali) and Rima Rajan (Contemporary Dance).


Ritvick Sharad Vats / Italian / 6 mins / 2017

Va Pensiero was an opera piece made by La Verdi, which was also known as the Hebrew slave song. A prayer of displaced Hebrew slaves out of Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar. This piece was created in the 18th century and art has always been created for progression, understanding and enlightening. But displacement is still a reality. Dépaysement is an ode to the refugee crises around the world that we currently face.

Final Offering / Vaaykkari

Kiran Nath Kailas / Malayalam / 6 mins / 2018

Vaaykkari is an exploration of caste hierarchies, reality and power politics through historical imagination; while being aware that mainstream historical imaginations also see an upper caste orientation while looking at narratives.


Georgy Abraham / No Dialogue / 7 mins / 2017

Fragments is about a woman has been longing to relive her past finding some decades old photographs in a shoe-box that unlocks her happiness.


Cyril Rana / No Dialogue / 4 mins / 2017

Jerusalem is personal music video that touches upon the process of grieving and painfully overcoming the loss of someone close.


Shersha Sherief / Tamil / 6 mins’ / 2017

Komaliis dedicated to all those misfits, troublemakers, rebels and crazy ones who are stuck in the mundane routines and confusions of life. It is a take on ones’ identity loss owing to mundane corporate life.

Mughlai Wrap

Prahlad Gopakumar, Sai Krishna, Gautam Gulati Hindi, English / 5 mins / 2018

Mughlai Wrap is a tribute to the world of the Mughals. It is about an attempt at amity and peaceful co-existence.

Onnurangi Enittathu Pole

Jayan K G / Malayalam / 5 mins / 2018

Onnurangi Enittathu Pole deals with old age and loneliness.

School / Pallikkoodam

Subeesh Sudhakaran / Malayalam / 3 mins / 2017

A small government school boy comes early in the morning and waits in the school verandaafraid that his friends will be going off to private schools. He was not alone over there, but rain brings back memories.

The Taste of Millennial Love

Bharath Kishore Chitithoti / English / 5 mins / 2018

Synopsis :  A “raga” is a central concept of Indian music, predominant in its expression , yet the concept has no direct western translation. This is an attempt to present the Indian raga to world using their own language, language of dance; through dance styles from different parts of the globe. House/hip hop/ street dance styles from USA kizomba, popularly referred to as African tango, from Angola Bachata, Latin dance style, from Dominican Republic With a blend of Butoh, contemperory dance style from Japan!
All of this presented through a millennial story of love !

Threshold / Choukath

Moinak Guho / Bengali / 4 mins / 2017

A mix of music, contemporary dance and narrative visuals, Choukath is the story of an innocent little boy growing up witnessing the atrocities around him in a forbidden land, which is also incidentally, the most intensively militarised zone in the world having one armed force for every 15 citizens.

White Karidey

Gautam Arora / Hindi / 5 mins / 2017


Wind Came, Plucked Flowers … / Kaatttu vannee, Poo Pariche…

Raphy Neelamkavil / Malayalam / 3 mins / 2018

As a common notion white immediately conjures associations with purity and holiness, while black brings into mind images of the demonic, the occult, the unhygienic and generally those that the sanitised majority ought to fear.White Karidey is a meditation on our society’s near satirical obsession with colour and the vilification of black that arises from it.