Anand Patwardhan: Rebel with a Cause

A Narmada Diary

Anand Patwardhan / Simantini DhuruIndia / English, Hindi, Gujurati / 57 mins / 1995

A Narmada Diaryintroduces the Narmada Bachao Andolan (the Save Narmada Movement) which has spearheaded the agitation against the Sardar Sarovar dam. As government resettlement programmes prove inadequate, the Narmada Bachao Andolan has emerged as one of the most dynamic struggles in India today. It sees how the non-violent protests and a determination to drown rather than to leave their homes and land have made the people of the Narmada valley symbols of a global struggle against unjust development.

Father, Son, and Holy War/ Pitra, Putra, aur Dharmayuddha

Anand Patwardhan / India / English, Hindi / 120 mins / 1995

Father, Son and Holy War explores in two parts the possibility that the psychology of violence against “the other” may lay in male insecurity, itself an inevitable product of the very construction of “manhood.”

In the Name of God/ Ram Ke Naam

Anand Patwardhan / India / English, Hindi / 75 mins / 1992

In the Name of God focuses on the campaign waged by the militant Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to destroy a 16th century mosque in Ayodhya said to have been built by Babar, the first Mughal Emperor of India. It explores the events and ground reality which lead to religious riots that cost thousands their lives, culminating in the mosque’s destruction by the Hindus in December of 1992.

Jai Bhim Comrade

Anand Patwardhan / India / English, Hindi /199 mins / 2011

Jai Bhim Comrade shot over 14 years follows the poetry and music of people like Vilas; a leftist poet who hung himself in protest against the violent state oppression of a peaceful Dalit protest, and marks a subaltern tradition of reason that from the days of the Buddha has fought superstition and religious bigotry.

Prisoners of Conscience

Anand Patwardhan / India /45 mins / 1978

Prisoners of Conscience is an important historical record of a traumatic period in India’s recent political history that focuses on the state of Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi from June 1975 to March 1977.

Ribbons for Peace

Anand Patwardhan / India / 5 mins /1998

Made in the aftermath of Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests, Ribbons for Peace gives new meaning to an old film song by Kishore Kumar – a kind of “Imagine” composed before the days of John Lennon. With guest appearances by well-known movie stars like Naseeruddin Shah, Aamir Khan, Kittu Gidwani and Chandrachur, the film was made to counter a pro-nuke music video made by the political party in power.

We are not your Monkeys

Anand Patwardhan / India / 5 mins / 1996

We Are Not Your Monkeys is a music video that reworks the epic Ramayana story to critique the caste and gender oppression implicit in it. It opposes the systematic oppression and negation of basic human rights in the name of religion and mythology.

You Can Destroy the Body

Anand Patwardhan / India / 6 mins

You Can destroy the Body is a visual and musical tribute to the valour and courage a few individuals like Narendra Dabholkar, Comrade Govind Pansare, Sachin Mali, Sheetal Sathe, Sagar Gorkhe and Ramesh Gaichor exhibited in emphasising and expressing their dissent against the Hindu fundamentalists and fascist forces in the country.