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Curator : Amir Masoud Soheili -Hadi Alipanah

IRAN, known for the blunt minimalism and piercing emotional directness, has had a long flourishing tradition of film making and cinema. Mostly people know of Iranian cinema for the works of Abbas Kiarostami, Asghar Farhadi, Jafar Panahi and so on. But there is yet another side of cinema in Iran that is less known and talked about. There are a lot of young talented short filmmakers producing films in different corners of Iran every year. More than 2000 short films per year show that short film is a serious medium in Iran.

Unlike long features which are mostly produced in Tehran, short films from Iran are much more diverse in terms of the backdrop and content. Just In 2017, 567 short films from Iran were officially selected in 1967 international film festivals and won 375 awards and 128 nominations. In this package we have tried to select a diverse collection of such recent short films.

Persian Tales: Short fiction from Iran

Lunch Time

Alireza Ghasemi / Iran / Persian / 15 mins / 2017

Lunch Time tells the tale of a 16-year-old girl who has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. The people in charge at the hospital do not allow her into the morgue; considering her age and asks her to bring her guardian instead. However, the girl insists that most of her family is in jail for criminal activities. Finally, after her insisting on it a lot, they agree to let her into the morgue.

Lost Property

15 mins

Lost property is a glimpse into Arad’s life and what happens when he takes his father’s tablet.


Parastoo Cardgar Iran /English /6 mins /2017

Icky explores a world where people have Rubik’s cubes for heads, where there will be some who at first glance look different. But are they truly different from the rest?

Blue eyed boy/ Cheshm aabi

Amir Masoud Soheili / Iran / 18 mins / 2015

Blue Eyed Boy recounts the story of a young boy with an unusual kind of colour blindness that causes him to see the world in blue. When conventional medicine fails to help his condition, his parents take him to a local shaman for remedy.

Animal / Heyvan

Bahman Ark Iran / 15 mins / 2017

Animal tells the tale of an Iranian man who physically and emotionally embodies a ram in order to get past the border. The beast becomes a mechanism for survival in this visceral and visually arresting drama.

A Girl in the Room

Karim Lakzadeh / Iran Azerbaijani / 27 mins / 2016

The film is about an elderly man and his friends at a guesthouse, where they are about to welcome the man’s daughter who is coming to visit her father after living in Germany for 25 years.

Maned & Macho

Shiva Sadegh /Asadi / Iran / 11 mins / 2017

The film tells the tale of an adolescent girl who rejects the societal identity imposed on her and finds solace in a secret world where her emotions and thoughts manifest as living creatures.

Mizban (Hostess)

Omid Abdolahi / Iran / Persian / 20 mins / 2014

Mizban tells the tale of a middle-aged woman who reluctantly agrees to take part in her son’s night party as a hostess.

Not yet

Arian Vazirdaftari Iran Persian / 15 mins / 2016

Not Yet tells the tale of a middleclass family crisis in Tehran, Iran.

Pale Mirrors

Salem Salavati / Iran / Kurdish / 15 mins / 2016

Pale Mirrors tells the tale of a woman who has only 24 hours to be pregnant. Her desire and vague future has her baffled.


14 mins

The film tells the tale of a couple who are reminiscent about their past on a weekend morning, a few days before migrating to another place.


Samira Norouznasseri / Iran / Persian / 20 mins / 2015

Bear tells the tale of Yasaman who is excited to celebrate her 10th birthday with her father, but the arrival of an unexpected visitor changes everything.


Azadeh Ghochagh / Iran / Persian / 10 mins /2015

Set against the background of the 1979 revolution in Iran, Soremeh tells the tale of a woman who runs into a runaway rebel on her way out to get Soremeh (Iranian style eyeliner) from her friend; as her family is preparing to attend a wedding.

The Little Boy

Mona Shahi / Iran / Persian / 8 mins / 2015

People are leaving their town by the order of the military but a little boy does not want to follow them. He wants to complete his own mission.

The Man Who Wasn’t Here

Ata Mojabi / Iran / Persian / 18 mins / 2017

The Man Who Wasn’t Here tells the tale of a wounded man and his revenge on a dark far away planet called Sinema, where everything is frozen.

The Next Day

21 mins

Most of the time it’s like this.


Soheil Amirsharifi / Iran / Persian /14 mins /2016

Vision tells the tale of an installer of closed-circuit televisions, who forces his girlfriend to do something that she hates.

Whole to Part

Vahid Hosseini / Iran / 12 mins

The dictator shall never die, he shall be resurrected.