Seminars on 7th IDSFFK

1.Round Table Conference in association with Vigyan Prasar, Govt of India: Challenges of Science Film making in India 19th July 2014 & 20th July 2014 Hotel Keys from 10.00 am . All delegates are welcome

This conference will be in the form of discussion and brainstorming focused on the challenges involved in science film making in India with the following sub themes:

How do we communicate science in a manner that does not appear authoritarian?
How do make visually appealing science programmes with low budget?
How do we enhance the visual richness of stories to communicate science ideas better?
How do we make programmes that convey messages through a dialogue mode and does not appear to a one-way communication?

Expected outcome of the conference, in the form of edited volume with your recommendations will help us (and like minded institutions and individuals involved in science films' production / dissemination) to set a road-map for promotion of Indian science films at regional, national and international level.
Partipants: GauharRaza,Indranil Bhattacharya, Seema Muralidhara, Nandan Kudhiayadi, M Sivakumar, K Mohan Kumar, Damodar Prasad, S T.V Sajeev etc

2.Impact Campaign Workshop: 20th July 2014 Hotel Hycinth at 3.00pm (pls see attachment) All delegates are welcome

3 Presentation on Asian Documentary Fund, Busan by Hong Hyosook 19th July 1.30 pm at Nila Theatre

4.Script-writing for Documentaries; 20th July 2014 1.30 pm at Nila Theatre by Gargi Sen (Distributor)

5. Presentation on Co Production Opportunities for Documentary and Short Filmmakers: Golda Sellam (Producer) 21st July 1.30 pm at Nila Theatre

6. Filmmaker in Focus Saba Dewan presentation on Women in the Documentary Film Movement in India 22nd July 2014 at 1.30 pm Nila Theatre


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