A Safe Person to Talk to

Navdeep Sharma / India / 19 mins / 2018

Narrated through the voice of a young person from a progressive South Delhi school, straddling the binary worlds of genders, facing bullying and isolation, seeking and find safety, comfort and friendship in various ways, the Film demonstrates the importance of a supportive environment created by adult and peer allies.


Madhuri Mohindar / Anushka Shivdasani / Rovshen / India / 23 mins / 2018

The film explores the intersections between identity, sexuality, mental health and the many alleys through which women negotiate freedom and dignity

I’m Not There

Ajita Banerjie / India / 13 mins / 2018

The documentary explores the relationship between migration and one’s gender, and views migration as a journey that allows one to leave behind a self that they don’t identify with, and move to a new space, seeking a new identity.

Please Mind the Gap

Mitali Trivedi / Gagandeep Singh / India / 21 mins / 2018

Thousands board and de-board the Delhi Metro encountering many faces, expressions, voice, bodies and odours, all of which narrate a distinct story. The film is a journey with one such passenger, Anshuman, reclaiming public space and one’s own self.

Zara Nazar UthaKe Dekho

Anindya Shankar Das / India / 24 mins / 2018

The documentary juxtaposes personal narratives of seeking love, against visuals of Indian public spaces, creating a complex picture.