Crow’s Nest / Kaaka Koode

Amritha Warrier / English, Malayalam / 6 mins / 2017

The film is about a little girl from Kerala loses her roots after moving to a big city. She struggles but later becomes part of the common crowd, a part of globalisation. Now she wonders if she can go back to her hometown, back to the culture she considered her own. This film throws a subtle question to the audience ‘Have you lost your roots?’


Sethulakshmi Muraleedharan / No Dialogue / 1 mins / 2018

The film sees an over enthusiastic robot who tries to explore an unknown place which finally leads to trouble.

Father / Baba

Akshay Malotkar / Marathi / 5 mins / 2017

The film is a metaphorical approach towards the situation and the story of a girl who looks at the system as a blood sucking leech and the scarecrow; which she considers to be her now lost father.

For Mother / Ammakayi

Ashitha Nair / Malayalam / 4 mins / 2018

The film is about a young girl’s struggle with a new-found loneliness as her mother takes her away from her grandmother who took care of her all her life and plants her in the city. She decides to draw her mother a card hoping to connect with her but a recurring dream comes in her way.

Hide and Seek / Lukka Chuppi

Abhishek Verma / Hindi / 6 mins / 2018

The problem of open defecation is widespread in our country and it directly affects the lives of women and girls in rural and sub-urban spaces. The film tells the tale of nine-year-old Bhuri faces the embarrassment, eve-teasing and harassment that come with the practise of defecating in the open. It is about howshe tries to overcome this daily trial. Thenarrative attempts to put forth the significance of toilets through the lived experience of little Bhuri.

Pissed Off

Abhijith Saji / No Dialogue / 1 mins / 2018

The film tells the tale of a rat who is living with his family trying to defend himself against some dogs regularly peeing in his house.

Roshambo Clash of Rock-Paper-Scissors

Abbin Joseph Thomas / No Dialogue / 1 mins / 2018

Roshambo is a creative exploration around the idea of making something that would helpeveryone relive their childhood days and memories.


Manu Chempakathinal Sabu / No Dialogue / 1 mins / 2018

This animated short film is about conflicts and defeat within the tribes which is an integral part of their survival.

Untold / Ankahi

Sumit Yempalle, Nupur Chowdhary, Saahil Sagar, Dikshit Sharma / Hindi / 1 mins / 2018

Ankahi//Untold is an attempt at voicing some untold fears with a hope of coming to terms with them publicly.The animation film is a visual depiction of a poem, using kohl on glass as medium.