Seminar on ‘Documentary as / and Pedagogy ‘ Held

Documentaries not being a part of school syllabus is regretful, said renowned filmmaker Pankaj Rishikumar in the seminar “Documentary as/ and Pedagogy” held in Horizon Hotel as a part of 12th IDSFFK.

Pankaj Rishikumar were of the opinion that students get to learn about documentaries only during their college days and by the time, they get exposed to commercial films and find them interesting. Only after overcoming this issue, many reach the field of documentary films.
“Documentaries must be a critical engagement with oneself and the world around” said Anjali Monteiro, faculty of Tata Institute of Social Science. She also shared her experience of being able to introduce different spheres of Mumbai to the students through documentary. Editor and National Award winner Sanjiv Shah said that attempts should be made to extract more meaning out of something and get people engaged towards documentaries. “Possibility of digital technology is unique” commented Vipin Vijay.
“Indian films gained world attention and recognition through documentaries. This can be realised analysing the history of Indian films in the past 20 years”, opined renowned film critic Dr. C S Venkiteswaran. “Documentaries are the medium that not only address and support the social causes in India, but also serves what the opposition is supposed to”, he added. The Seminar was organised in association with the Students Union of K R Narayanan Institute of Visual Arts and Science.